Red Hat Subscription Management 101: Optimizing Revenues & Compliance

Watch recording from January 14, 2020

Red Hat® subscriptions facilitate open source innovation for you and your customers through continuous access to the latest enterprise-grade software, life-cycle management, software interoperability, product security, knowledge base, and experts. It also provides an ongoing relationship with Red Hat that delivers business value to help you thrive.

The Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider (CCSP) program allows cloud, hosting, system integrator, and managed service providers to host and resell certified Red Hat subscriptions on-demand through multi-tenant, dedicated, and managed models. A CCSP partner must track and record purchases, distribution, and use of the Red Hat software subscriptions by itself and its customers and account to Red Hat any use of the subscriptions. How you can do this accurately and on time while maximizing all potential revenue opportunities is very important.

In this webinar, we’ll explain how Red Hat CCSP partners should properly account for, manage, and report Red Hat subscriptions while avoiding potential compliance concerns.

Join this webinar to discover:

  • The true value of Red Hat subscriptions to you and your client.
  • The fundamentals of the Red Hat CCSP program.
  • How to properly account for, manage, and report subscriptions used by your client.
  • Why you should stay updated on important guides and CCSP program buying rules.


Live-event date: Tuesday, January 14, 2020 | 13:00PM GMT+8

Jinesh Shah

SEAP Lead, Red Hat Australia/New Zealand

As a Subscription Education & Awareness Program (SEAP) lead, Jinesh works closely with clients and partners across Australia/New Zealand to demonstrate the value of a Red Hat subscription, while ensuring their environments are optimized for compliance to their contractual obligations.

Jung Ju Yang

Strategic Alliance Manager, CCSP, Red Hat APAC

Jung’s role in strategic alliance is to recruit CCSP partners and journey them on a long-term relationship to drive Red Hat products as a service to their customers. Along the way, he creates sustainable relationships with partners that generate mutual revenue ensuring customer success.