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It’s impossible to plan for everything. But with technologies founded on the enterprise Linux®, you can be prepared for anything. Red Hat’s® broad portfolio equips you for a world that never stands still.

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Enterprise-strength Linux.
Enterprise-safe containers.

Speed comes standard with containers. But the enterprise also demands flexibility and stability. For containers to boost your business, you need more than a container platform. You need orchestration, management, and security, too.

Red Hat’s comprehensive container solution offers speed, scale, and stability.

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Why containers?

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Because your business can only move at speeds your IT can support. By packaging everything an app needs, container technologies shorten the path from development to testing to production. And that frees up your teams to focus on meeting customer needs, rather than dev cycle delays.

Paychex pushes the pace with Red Hat containers

Paychex processes the paychecks of 1 out of 12 private-sector workers in the US. With a continuous deployment model propelled by Red Hat container technologies, the company launches 3 times as many new products as before.

Paychex testimonial: With Red Hat containers, we're faster to market and we're confident in the scalability and resiliency of our solutions. From Mick Whittemore, VP of I.T. Enterprise Operations
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Scale up and simplify with Kubernetes

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Containers deliver unparalleled speed. Kubernetes, an open source container orchestration system, ensures scaling, control, and consistency across environments. And it all comes together in our OpenShift Container Platform.

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We revolutionized the operating system with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Now, we’re doing the same for technologies across the IT landscape.