Welcome to Hatville

The miniature city where edge computing comes to life


Hatville is a miniature city where edge computing comes to life. Explore this tiny metropolis and experience how edge computing can revolutionize industries all around us. With highlighted industries from manufacturing to telecommunications, learn which Red Hat products can help your business and how. 

Electrical substation

Keeping Hatville's lights on is no "small" task. Luckily, they have the right tools for managing and protecting resources, as well as a convenient way for teams to view them all.

1Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS)

Red Hat OpenShift supports ADMS systems to keep bringing high availability to remote power distribution.

2Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

Red Hat OpenShift brings high availability to edge sites managing solar, wind, and other forms of power - simultaneously.

3Virtual Protection Relay (VPR)

Red Hat Device Edge keeps the lights on and reduces “brownouts” by intelligently protecting the grid infrastructures.

4Human Machine Interface (HMI) automation

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform enables remote automation for HMI lifecycle including patches and hardening, without requiring on-site personnel.


Red Hat Device Edge and Red Hat OpenShift AI can protect people and capital with on-site video AI/ML for fast, private monitoring.


Hatville's residents work in smart offices which makes the workday easier for them and facilities teams. Everything from door access to power distribution to the network, even heating and cooling, can be automated to save time, money and make everyone comfortable.

1Access control

Red Hat Device Edge powers building access systems, so the right people get to the right places.

2Environmental systems

Red Hat OpenShift powers environmental systems to automatically control lighting, thermostats, and more to minimize energy usage.

3Power distribution

Red Hat OpenShift enhances power distribution, blending localized control with centralized management.

4Network automation

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform allows consistent scaling in the site network provisioning, configuration, and operation for standalone and cloud-managed technologies.


In Hatville’s factories, red hats are built around-the-clock to keep up with demand. Edge computing keeps the line moving, avoiding failures and managing risk.

1Equipment failure prediction

Red Hat Device Edge is used to predict equipment failure to catch issues before they become issues.

2Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Red Hat OpenShift powers the high-availability systems that keep production on schedule.

3Product inspection

Red Hat Device Edge puts AI/ML right on the assembly line, immediately detecting errors in production.

4Autonomous guided Vehicles (AGV)

Red Hat Device Edge navigates AGVs to keep your inventory supply chain moving continuously and efficiently.


In Hatville’s fedora shop, customers love to try on hats with our augmented reality (AR) mirror - while the business automates and connects the back office and point of sale. 

1Back office and inventory

Red Hat OpenShift powers catalog and pricing systems to run the business behind the business.

2Augmented reality

Red Hat Device Edge powers an AR mirror so you can try on every hat in the store, without wearing every hat in the store.

3Point of sale desks

Red Hat Device Edge is used to close the sale and connect directly to the rest of the business.


Hatville's telecommunications network connects residents and businesses. Intelligent local apps deliver new experiences while the network remains secure, scalable and reliable.  

1RAN and enterprise apps

Red Hat OpenShift not only powers the RAN itself, but even localized, latency-sensitive  enterprise apps.

2End user intelligent apps

Red Hat OpenShift extends network operations out to regional sites bringing centralized control to distributed data centers.

3Automated network incident response

Red Hat Ansible automates the response to networking incidents and failures quickly, decreasing the downtime.


Along Hatville’s roads and railways, intermodal sites connect trains and trucks to make a single, fluid supply chain that safely keeps inventory flowing from the source to customers. 

1Wayside devices

Red Hat Device Edge keeps remote transportation connected back to base for logistics monitoring, on-board cargo status updates and more.

2Transportation coordination

Red Hat OpenShift can power multi-modal transportation management to create the most efficient scheduling, planning and optimization.

3Safety and security

Red Hat Device Edge can protect people and capital with on-site video AI/ML for fast, private monitoring.

Get started with Red Hat’s portfolio of Edge products

A flexible platform that supports different workloads across small, resource-constrained devices at the farthest edge. It combines Red Hat Enterprise Linux with the Red Hat build of MicroShift, a lightweight Kubernetes distribution, and Ansible Automation Platform

A unified enterprise application and container orchestration platform that extends Kubernetes capabilities to edge sites with consistent operations and application life cycle management at scale using flexible topology options to support low-latency workloads anywhere.

An automation platform that simplifies the deployment of hundreds to thousands of devices with an automated approach to device, network and application life cycle management across heterogeneous hardware and software environments.

An AI-focused portfolio that provides tools to train, tune, serve, monitor, and manage AI/ML experiments and models on Red Hat OpenSift while delivering the flexibility, security, and scalability needed for specific use cases.

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