2024 Global Tech Trends

We’ve seen the world of technology undergo rapid digital transformation, leading to some shifts in how organizations prioritize key areas of their business. Our 2024 Global Tech Trends report—in its 10th year of sharing industry insights—highlights 6 IT and non-IT funding priorities along with 3 critical barriers to progress.

We address key topics posed to IT leaders and decision-makers, including:

  • How business, cloud, and security automation are addressing the 3 top barriers to digital transformation.
  • What accounts for regional differences in IT application modernization goals?
  • Why do 43% of IT leaders view cloud optimization (FinOps) as a funding priority?
  • Approaches to application development and delivery across cloud environments.
  • Key initiatives around data protection and security.

Read the 2024 Global Tech Trends report to see how organizations have invested in their digital transformation initiatives. 


2024 Global Tech Trends


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