4 benefits of using Red Hat solutions on Amazon Web Services

Organizations need to develop and deploy applications quickly, flexibly, and reliably to keep pace with rapidly changing business needs and customer demands. Red Hat and Amazon Web Services (AWS) help organizations be more efficient and optimize hybrid cloud environments for faster application development. Explore these four benefits of using Red Hat® software on AWS, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform, Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS or Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated.

1 Simplify your environment

Get a seamless experience across your hybrid cloud environment by standardizing on a reliable IT platform such as Red Hat  Enterprise Linux® on AWS.

Features include: 

  • A flexible, consistent foundation for existing and modern applications. 
  • Extended life cycles and predictable capital expenditure (CapEx) and operating expense (OpEx).
  • A hybrid cloud environment that modernizes IT management and application development.
  • Tools to manage and automate all aspects of application landscapes on AWS with infrastructure from provisioning, scaling, policy enforcement, and decommissioning. 

2 Reduce downtime

Continue to deliver a high-quality customer experience and protect workloads from disruption by reducing downtime.

With Red Hat and AWS, organizations gain:

  • Life cycle management solutions that keep infrastructure running efficiently and reliably.
  • Kernel patching capabilities for vulnerabilities and upgrades. 
  • Consistent operations and support across hybrid cloud footprints. 
  • Predictive analytic tools to remediate threats to performance, stability, availability, and security before they impact service levels. 

3 Use your committed spend

Reduce licensing costs and maximize current budgets while adding managed and self-managed services that integrate with your foundation.

Use your AWS committed spend by: 

  • Selecting available Red Hat products and using Red Hat Cloud Access to use existing subscriptions and move them between on-premise and AWS environments. 
  • Using your existing spend through the Enterprise Discount Program (EDP). 
  • Browsing the AWS Marketplace to find solutions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions optimized for SAP software solutions and Microsoft SQL Server.

4 Adapt quickly and focus on innovation

Access the latest software to give developers an environment that boosts innovation and productivity. 

Developers get more time to focus on writing code with:

  • An environment that minimizes the need for manual effort to keep the infrastructure running efficiently and reliably. This creates more time to focus on building, testing, rollout, scale, and support feature updates, extensions, and customer experience improvements. 
  • The ability to expand and scale infrastructure in any direction at any time with tools that operate the same way whether they are on-premise or in a cloud environment. AWS instances make it easier to scale while Red Hat Enterprise Linux automates decision-making, policies, and provisioning. 
  • The freedom to deploy and move applications across the environment using containers. Red Hat OpenShift® Service on AWS offers a production-ready version of Red Hat OpenShift that organizations use on-premise and simplifies the ability to shift workloads to the AWS public cloud environment. 

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