Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform in the AWS Marketplace

Build powerful end-to-end automation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and AWS

Businesses everywhere are grappling with change, led by evolving customer expectations and shifting market conditions. To help overcome these challenges, organizations need to develop and deploy new applications with speed and efficiency. 

In partnership since 2008, Red Hat and Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide businesses with the tools and resources they need to make innovation easier and strengthen their competitive edge. Among the tools available as part of this collaboration is Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform available via AWS Marketplace.

Research shows that many organizations see the potential for automation to make their IT teams more efficient, help cut costs, and speed time to return on investment.2 Backed by 25 years of history and designed with hybrid cloud infrastructure in mind, Ansible Automation Platform can help you better define, deploy, and support your AWS capabilities. As a result, you can realize the full potential of your hybrid cloud migrations in the following ways:

  • Accelerate your business: Ansible Automation Platform speeds business outcomes through more rapid development and deployment and simplified operations.
  • Increase collaboration: Ansible Automation Platform supports automation that is easily created, shared, and managed across the organization.
  • Optimize conditions for growth: Ansible Automation Platform makes scalable innovation across clouds possible, providing you with a consistent automation experience everywhere in your organization.

Get Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on the AWS Marketplace

Deployment speed is important, but so is cost certainty. As businesses consider their hybrid cloud plans, many must be mindful of their committed spend and their ability to use any negotiated discounts or other entitlements available to them through their cloud providers. 

To that end, Ansible Automation Platform is now available through the AWS Marketplace as a self-managed offering. There are cost and efficiency benefits to purchasing Ansible Automation Platform through the AWS Marketplace, including:

  • Meeting your cloud spend commitments: You can apply a percentage of your Ansible Automation Platform purchase toward your spend commitments, which may also help you meet your cloud budget requirements.
  • Benefitting from best-of-both-worlds support. When you deploy Ansible Automation Platform through the AWS Marketplace as a self-managed solution, you will benefit from Red Hat’s Premium Support for Ansible Automation Platform, and AWS support for your cloud infrastructure. Premium Support from Red Hat provides unlimited 24x7 access to our global network of experienced technical support engineers, in addition to all of the documented solutions available through the Red Hat Customer Portal.

According to IDC, customers using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform to support business needs and to improve IT and application development operations could see a five-year return on investment of 667%, with a 10-month payback on their investment.1

Optimize your hybrid cloud journey

As hybrid cloud computing becomes more pervasive, IT organizations need automation platforms that span networks, clouds, and services—and help deliver on key business objectives. Ansible Automation Platform available via AWS Marketplace can help you achieve these goals and more. 

Realize more value, faster

Because Ansible Automation Platform has been optimized for AWS, organizations can minimize implementation time and start quickly realizing the benefits of automation. It has nearly 100 modules that support AWS capabilities, and another 1,300 modules created to help you manage your operating systems, network infrastructure, and applications—no matter where they are deployed.

Ansible Content Collections make it even easier to accelerate your Ansible Automation Platform implementation, providing you with more than 110 precomposed modules and roles on specific topics, each of them maintained by Red Hat and its ecosystem of partners. 

Automate your entire hybrid cloud

Segmented automation approaches may require organizations to find a different solution for each business challenge, an approach that consumes valuable time and resources. 

Ansible Automation Platform provides interoperability across datacenters and private clouds, a wide array of vendor solutions, and leading public clouds—including Google, IBM, and Microsoft. The result: an ability to automate your entire hybrid cloud. 

Quickly find and fix performance issues

Ansible Automation Platform also helps you find and eliminate performance or reliability risks. Red Hat Insights gives you the ability to watch for—and proactively resolve—issues that can have an impact on security and uptime. Ansible Automation Platform also includes analytics capabilities that help you measure the impact of future automation projects. 

Get started with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform available via AWS Marketplace

Learn more about how automation can be a strategic differentiator for your business. 

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Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform has nearly 100 modules that support AWS capabilities, and another 1,300 modules designed to help you manage your operating systems, network infrastructure, and applications.