Choose the right automation platform for Microsoft Azure

Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform on Microsoft Azure, a managed application, helps IT organizations quickly automate and scale in a cloud environment, with the flexibility to deliver any application, anywhere, without additional overhead or complexity. 

Enterprises using Microsoft Azure can now use those same powerful features with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Azure with streamlined deployment from the Azure Marketplace. Consider these five questions when choosing an automation platform.

1 How quickly can you get started?

Choose an automation platform that lets you go from zero to automation in minutes.

One of the reasons organizations choose Microsoft Azure is the speed and ease it provides to test and deploy solutions. The automation platform you choose needs to be easy to deploy too.

  • Ansible Automation Platform on Azure can be deployed directly from the Azure Marketplace.
  • The managed app is active immediately after deployment, and enterprises can start automating the management of their Azure resources in minutes.

2 Is integration streamlined?

Select an automation platform that is already optimized for your Azure services.

Organizations use Microsoft Azure to create applications, manage DevOps, build and train machine language models, and more. Automating these tasks at scale requires a cloud-ready solution.

  • Ansible Automation Platform on Azure is already integrated with Azure services, including Azure Active Directory, Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Database Services, Azure Container Registry, and Azure Key Vault.
  • The Ansible collection for Azure was developed and security tested by Microsoft and Red Hat for minimal set up—and maximum support.
  • Use Ansible Automation Platform on Azure as part of your hybrid cloud automation strategy to unify management and automation across hybrid clouds, Internet of Things (IoT), and edge deployments.

3 Can you use existing committed Azure spend?

Find an automation platform that uses your Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC).

Microsoft Azure provides simplified subscription and purchase models for the Azure Marketplace.

  • Enterprises can use existing committed spend with Microsoft to purchase Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Azure. Using committed spend lets teams across an entire organization deploy, configure, and automate.
  • Integrated billing means you get one bill—and full visibility into cost.

4 Can you automate beyond the cloud?

Benefit from an automation platform that provides hybrid cloud automation.

Your enterprise likely uses a combination of private clouds, on-premise datacenters, edge locations, and other public clouds. Your automation platform needs to scale across these locations to support you wherever you do business.

  • Ansible Automation Platform on Azure allows you to deploy in your Microsoft Azure cloud—and then extend across your infrastructure.
  • Organizations can deploy, run, and scale applications across Azure and hybrid cloud environments.

5 Will you get the support you need?

Choose an automation platform that gives you the best experience possible.

Automation is important to maintaining and scaling your organization on Microsoft Azure, but choosing the right platform is critical to long-term success.

  • Red Hat and Microsoft partnered to deliver Ansible Automation Platform on Azure to ensure consistent and security-focused operations.
  • Red Hat manages, services, and supports the application so your IT team can focus on delivering automation strategies.

Bring the power of automation to your entire organization

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Microsoft Azure delivers instant-on automation. Read more about the offering or try the managed app with a self-paced lab.