Automate Azure with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Enterprise automation platforms such as Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform are an effective solution for organizations struggling to manage the complexity of their hybrid cloud environment, and can facilitate many significant operational improvements.

The benefits of hybrid cloud automation

Cost efficiency: Cloud sprawl is a common challenge that can lead to bloat and uncontrolled cloud costs. Automation can help organizations avoid this by ensuring no unused instances or other unused resources remain active.

Operational efficiency: Infrastructure and resource management tasks that would normally be the responsibility of engineers can be automated, opening up time for innovation and value creation in other areas.

Improved governance: Automation can help ensure compliance requirements and security standards are followed, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Automate Microsoft Azure with Ansible Automation Platform

Organizations can use Ansible Automation Platform’s large ecosystem of Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collections to connect multiple platforms and transform existing manual processes into repeatable, scalable automated processes. These processes can translate across the entire IT environment, including Azure cloud.

With Ansible Automation Platform’s extensive library of validated content for Azure cloud automation, organizations can use the workflow template tool to daisy chain playbooks together in a simple visual designer to automate management of key areas of Azure cloud. 

Table 1. Features of automating Azure with Ansible Automation Platform

The business value of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Ansible Automation Platform users have achieved significant improvements in a number of key areas1 including:

  • A 667% five-year return on investment.
  • 30% more efficient IT infrastructure management.
  • 29% more efficient network infrastructure management.
  • 75% faster deployment of new storage resources.
  • 39% more applications developed and managed per year.
  • 30% more efficient IT security teams.
  • A 76% reduction in unplanned downtime.
Feature Details
Set up virtual machines with Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

Automate creation and management of Azure Virtual Machines and ensure security and compliance standards are followed. This supports infrastructure visibility, cloud migration, and infrastructure optimization.

Set up storage with Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

Automate the creation and management of Azure Blob Storage containers and the objects within them, which support cloud operations, optimization, and backups.

Manage infrastructure and resources with Microsoft Azure Resource Manager

As part of an automation workflow, automate infrastructure deployment, categorization, and access with Azure Resource manager. Improve cloud operations, DevOps, and infrastructure orchestration by integrating Azure Resource Manager into more detailed workflows.

Improve visibility with Microsoft Azure Monitor log analytics

Automate the tracking of user activity and the creation of logs with Azure Monitor log analytics. This will support visibility and automated troubleshooting by providing understanding of what the errors are and triggering remediation.

Manage virtual networks with Microsoft Azure Virtual Network Automate the configuration and management of Azure Virtual Networks, while ensuring they follow security and compliance at all times. Coordinate networks across cloud and on-premise to ensure the Azure network is accessible.
Manage Microsoft Azure Arc-enabled infrastructure

Ansible Automation Platform with Azure Arc supports hybrid cloud infrastructure orchestration, compliance, and operations.

Check out the Microsoft Azure guide to get started or read the documentation.

The value of an Ansible Automation Platform subscription 

Ansible Automation Platform is available as a managed application offering from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, ready to be deployed in Azure cloud. This offering is fully supported by Red Hat and provides organizations with the complete Ansible Automation Platform, including Red Hat Insights for analytics, integration with Azure services, and the full Ansible Content Collection for Azure.

Fully supported by Red Hat: Red Hat fully manages, services, and supports the application so that IT teams can focus on delivering efficient automation strategies.

Integrated billing: Integrated Azure billing gives organizations full visibility into costs with a single bill and allows organizations with existing spend agreements with Microsoft to count the cost of this offering toward that spend agreement.

Get started with Ansible Automation Platform on Azure

Discover more on our Ansible Automation Platform on Azure page or try the self-paced labs. Find out more about Red Hat solutions available on Azure or visit the Azure Marketplace to learn about purchasing an Ansible Automation Platform subscription.

  1. IDC White Paper, sponsored by Red Hat. “The Business Value of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.” Document #US48678022, October 2021.