Red Hat and Dynatrace for automation and app modernization

Watch over modern IT environments with Red Hat and Dynatrace 

Increasingly, organizations need to be cloud-native in order to compete in the modern marketplace, which is fundamentally changing how applications are built—moving from traditional monolithic applications to modern applications built around microservices. This shift is not just a digital transformation in terms of technology, but requires a transformation in management and resourcing practices and methods to maximize value.

While these modern environments are necessary for organizations to stay competitive, the move often stretches IT resources across multi and hybrid cloud environments and increasingly relies on layers of automated infrastructure, as complexity has surpassed the ability for IT professionals to manage everything manually. In these modern environments, organizations not only need proven solutions that tame complexity and streamline automation, but also need the oversight to be able to implement automated interventions and human resources in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Better together—Red Hat and Dynatrace

Red Hat and Dynatrace’s joint solutions increase the speed of innovation, deliver better business outcomes, and shorten time to value by giving you full visibility of your modernized and automated environment. Together, Red Hat and Dynatrace help you manage the inherent complexity of multicloud and hybrid cloud environments and automated infrastructure. 

The partnership works because Red Hat and Dynatrace are complementary, not overlapping. They offer solutions that strengthen and enhance each other. But what does this mean in practice?

Solve cloud-native and infrastructure automation challenges with Red Hat OpenShift and Dynatrace OneAgent

Organizations can accelerate time to value for new applications and services because Dynatrace accelerates application workloads much more efficiently than traditional monitoring tools. The more efficiently applications can be built on or migrated to Red Hat® OpenShift®, the more quickly you are on your way to success. With Dynatrace’s OneAgent total visibility as part of Red Hat OpenShift, new microservices are automatically discovered and implemented.

Increase the speed of innovation

As new software and services are developed on Red Hat OpenShift, insights from Dynatrace allow your organization to optimize code in real-time and push innovations through to deployment in less time.

Performance management and user experience is improved by analyzing user sessions in real time and providing instant feedback. And fully integrated AI-based insights mean problems that impact user experience can be resolved rapidly.


Accelerate development and delivery of new applications and services with a hybrid, containerized  environment that provides full-stack observability end-to-end.

Manage microservice complexity through AIOps, using big data and causation-based AI and machine learning (ML) to automate IT operations and processes.

Reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) for incidents, as full-stack observability helps you identify the root cause of issues and resolve them more efficiently.

Significantly improve operations with less time spent on manual tasks, thereby providing more time spent on revenue generating activities like developing applications.

Simplify cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation

While Red Hat solutions ensure that an organization is complying with ever-increasing regulatory standards across vast heterogeneous environments, Dynatrace ensures those deployments are operating as efficiently as possible by giving visibility across those environments, and helping to eliminate complexity and bloat. With Dynatrace AIOps, you can monitor and orchestrate applications, clusters, and underlying cloud infrastructure in Red Hat OpenShift. Red Hat OpenShift provides the platform to develop and deliver both traditional monolithic and cloud-native microservices onto multiple cloud environments. By integrating the automated root cause analysis by Dynatrace with the IT automation capabilities of Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform, joint customers create a mechanism for an automated delivery pipeline and enhanced remediations in the event of failures.

Certified solutions: Tested so you know it works

The Red Hat and Dynatrace partnership started in 2015 and the joint solutions are certified, meaning integrations and combined solutions are assured to work on supported platforms.

Dynatrace for Red Hat OpenShift application monitoring. Dynatrace is a full-stack monitoring platform that is container aware and comes with built-in support for Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift via the OneAgent Operator. Start your no-cost trial on Red Hat Marketplace.

Dynatrace for Ansible Automation Platform auto-remediation. After using Dynatrace to monitor infrastructure and identify a problem, the issue can be remediated through Ansible automations using your organizations’ predefined processes. Request more information to learn about certified integration.

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Want to know more about how Red Hat and Dynatrace work better together? Additional resources can be found at Red Hat and Dynatrace.

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Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB With tight integration between Dynatrace’s monitoring technology and Red Hat OpenShift, we gained a well-managed container environment in a single, fully integrated platform.

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