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Red Hat Learning Subscription Enterprise Developer

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Learn just-in-time, not just-in-case

Developers work on business-critical timelines, so they need to learn when they have time, rather than attend a full-day training class. As problems arise, they need training that is immediately available, prescriptive, and reliable. Having access to just-in-time content will give your developers the ability to learn on their schedule and fully take advantage of your organization’s investments in a cloud-native, container-based architecture.

An enterprise learning solution for developers

Red Hat® Learning Subscription Enterprise Developer is a scalable and comprehensive learning solution for large organizations seeking ongoing training and certification for a large number of developers on Red Hat technologies, including Red Hat OpenShift® and Red Hat Application Services and developer tools. Designed with developers in mind, this subscription gives organizations a just-in-time, enterprise-wide resource for working with Red Hat technologies.

  • Easily searchable content helps build developers’ skills on cloud-native technologies, microservices, and migrating existing applications.
  • Quick lab access to already set-up, hands-on environments with detailed steps.
  • New and updated courses are added to the subscription as they are released.
  • On-demand access, worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
  • No prerequisite level of expertise required, allowing your teams to build their skills regardless of experience with cloud-native technologies or development in general.
  • An interactive, intuitive learning interface that helps users and managers easily track progress toward training and certification goals. 

Effective training that is cost effective

Effective learning is about content—and cost. Enterprises with large communities of developers require a training solution that will effectively scale across dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of developers.

Red Hat Learning Subscription Enterprise Developer provides up to 500 individual developer tier subscriptions for a single price, which helps your organization plan and budget for training large teams of developers with one consistent, annual subscription. Priced up to 90% less than individual subscriptions, Red Hat Learning Subscription Enterprise Developer lets up to 10 employees acquire all of the Red Hat developer courses for the price of one individual subscription.

Each developer tier subscription includes access to: 

  • All current online and video classroom developer courses.
  • New and updated courses as they are released.
  • Three developer certification exam attempts.
  • 100 hours of cloud-delivered, hands-on lab time.
  • 10 downloadable e-books for offline use.

 Invest in the platform and the people

With Forrester naming Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform as a market leader for multicloud container development platforms, it is clear why many companies are choosing Red Hat for their shift to more modern, cloud-native application development. However, maximizing your organization’s potential is more than making the software investment decision. When companies adopt cloud-based software and move toward faster and more flexible development models, they need a fundamental shift in culture, processes, and technology. To innovate successfully, developers need the skills to develop and deploy these applications. 

No one knows Red Hat like Red Hat

The industry is evolving rapidly—as are software releases and best practices. Regardless of the experience level of your developers, they need up-to-date content on the latest software releases to keep pace. No one can provide better content on Red Hat technologies than Red Hat Training—our experts are building the software and implementing it every day for enterprises around the world.

Get started

Red Hat Learning Subscription Enterprise Developer provides the critical training your developers need in one flexible, cost-effective, easy-to-manage solution. View course descriptions, learning paths, and other resources on the Red Hat Learning Subscription hub, and talk to a Red Hatter or contact your sales representative to subscribe.

Red Hat Training data. Based on courses added in 2018 to Basic and Standard tiers.