Red Hat OpenStack Platform delivers value to telco providers

Why choose Red Hat OpenStack Platform

Red Hat® OpenStack® Platform helps service providers build and operate their telecommunication (telco) cloud infrastructure, providing them with the necessary security capabilities, reliability, and performance to deliver diverse services and applications. It provides a scalable telco cloud environment that is based on proven and integrated technologies that can be deployed across a service provider’s network from core to the edge. Red Hat OpenStack Platform is open source—designed for, tested, and certified on different hardware and enhanced by Red Hat’s extensive ecosystem of partners.

Service providers can transform their telco networks, using network function virtualization (NFV), to become more agile, flexible, and efficient, reduce costs, and propel innovation. Red Hat OpenStack Platform allows service providers to rapidly add services and features to respond to changing demands, which creates differentiation and accelerated time to value.

Benefits of upgrading to the latest version of Red Hat OpenStack Platform

Designed to help organizations succeed in a hybrid cloud world, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 16.2 delivers tight integration with Red Hat OpenShift®, a leading platform for cloud-native applications. This integration means service providers can run new and traditional applications in parallel, resulting in improved network capacity and performance, enhanced security capabilities, increased storage, and greater efficiency. Additional benefits include:

  • Extended life cycle management that allows for continuous feature updates without the disruption or potential downtime associated with major upgrades.
  • The flexibility to run virtual machines (VMs) and cloud-native applications with bare metal performance side-by-side.
  • Greater choice and efficiency through new hardware options, including third generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and next generation x86 architectures.
  • The ability to build open hybrid cloud environments that best suits service provider needs, from core architecture to hardware offloading with smart network interface cards (smartNICs).
  • Simplified storage solutions with the aggregation of a wide variety of vendors and formats that allow service providers to focus on application innovation rather than maintaining bespoke or custom storage systems.

Benefits of Red Hat OpenStack Platform:

  • Supports a faster time to market
  • Introduces new services quickly
  • Virtualizes hardware to reduce CAPEX and OPEX
  • Provides architecture that is elastic and highly scalable
  • Reacts to demand in a cost effective way

See how Proximus Group used Red Hat OpenStack Platform to deploy and run container-based microservices at scale, saving €30,000 in monthly infrastructure setup and maintenance costs.

Read the case study.

Building out your 4G and 5G networks with edge computing

Red Hat OpenStack Platform incorporates virtualized telco workloads or virtual network functions (VNFs) within VMs so they can run on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware.

This gives service providers the ability to scale up or down, delivering telco services and applications based on changing customer demand without requiring additional hardware resources. Telco VNFs can be placed in different parts of a service provider’s network, for example, at the network edge, ensuring the VNF is in the most optimal location to deliver the necessary performance and latency.

Red Hat Ceph Storage: Unified storage for Red Hat OpenStack Platform

Red Hat Ceph® Storage is an efficient, unified, and simplified storage solution that gives service providers the flexibility to scale as their needs evolve—and is complementary with the Red Hat OpenStack Platform. It helps service providers cope with the massive growth in data and improves their ability to acquire meaningful insights. Red Hat Ceph Storage accelerates modern workloads, including data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), object Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS), archiving, and backup. Unlike traditional network-attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) approaches, it offers predictability as the network scales. Red Hat Ceph Storage is also beneficial for enterprises running private cloud and hybrid cloud environments, edge computing workloads, and Linux® containers.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform provides proven cloud infrastructure

Red Hat OpenStack Platform is a proven and reliable solution that gives telco service providers the tools to deliver their cloud infrastructure with security initiatives, efficiency, and at a massive scale. By upgrading to the latest version of Red Hat OpenStack Platform, service providers benefit from extended life cycle management, the flexibility to run virtual and cloud-native applications at the same time, and simplified solutions for storage. As telco service providers build out their 4G and 5G networks, Red Hat OpenStack Platform can ensure you deliver value to your customers.

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