Sharpen skills with a Red Hat Learning Subscription

Learn at your own pace with a year of access to flexible training options

Red Hat Learning Subscription, offered by Red Hat Training and Certification, provides on-demand access to help you efficiently learn Red Hat technologies.

Whether you have recently adopted Red Hat OpenShift®, your team is finding new applications for Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform, or you are a system administrator who needs to learn additional Red Hat Enterprise Linux® skills, the subscription has content from across the Red Hat portfolio to help you solve your next IT challenge.

Train with comprehensive, up-to-date content from Red Hat experts

When it comes to learning, you want to build skills in technologies that are relevant on the job. This annual subscription is continuously updated to help you develop the skills and knowledge a growing technology market demands. 

50% of content in Red Hat Learning Subscription is new or updated in the past year

With Red Hat Learning Subscription, you are getting the most up-to-date content straight from the source. No one can provide better training on Red Hat technologies than Red Hat Training—our experts are building the software and implementing it every day for enterprises around the world. Our use-case-based courses and hands-on labs are delivered by our world-class architects and translated into as many as 10 languages. Multiple course versions tied to different product releases are also available. 

Courses are available within Red Hat Learning Subscription through the Early Access feature as they are being developed. Subscribers can start training on cutting-edge technologies before content is publicly available. Early Access provides the opportunity for feedback that helps shape and improve courses before their final release. Early Access content is updated daily, so content is always current.

Validate skills with performance-based, practical exams

Red Hat Certifications are industry-recognized credentials that prove an individual has mastered a skill and is ready to take on the most ambitious projects.

Red Hat Learning Subscription is ideal for those preparing for Red Hat Certification exams, with unlimited access to the related courses and labs. Some subscription tiers include certification exams, so users can bundle the purchase of their training and testing. 

A platform built to help you succeed

Red Hat Learning Subscription is available globally with key features to help you map out your learning goals, work toward certification, experiment in labs, and get answers when you are on the job. 

With Red Hat Learning Subscription, organizations can:

  • Improve the ability to meet business and IT milestones: Individuals with the skills needed to effectively navigate Red Hat technologies can contribute to the successful achievement of organizational goals.
  • Keep pace with emerging technologies: Organizations with the critical skills required to manage the evolving technological landscape foster effective operational strategies that support organizational growth.
  • Mitigate technical debt and enhance efficiency: Continuous training on the latest Red Hat technologies upskills the workforce on current practices and encourages the adoption of efficient and modern solutions.

Subscription tiers to suit your needs

Red Hat Learning Subscription offers different feature sets to meet the diverse training needs of technology professionals. Global teams can train on the same high-quality content with course materials translated in up to 10 languages. 

Red Hat training produces real results

Red Hat training produces real results An ESG study1 found that participating in Red Hat training can deliver several benefits including:

Fewer hours spent per IT task: Customers interviewed for this analysis reported that their employees who have undergone Red Hat Training were between 25% and 50% more efficient in completing day-to-day IT tasks.

Improved time to value for new hires: Interviewed customers shared that their time to value for new hires was between 4 and 6 months, depending on the level of the employee. During that time, the new employee was only 50% as effective as they would be at their one-year mark. When incorporating Red Hat Training as part of their new hire experience, their rate of effectiveness raised up to 77% during their new-hire period.

Increased IT employee retention rates: ESG’s analysis and financial model showed a reduction in IT turnover from 15% down to 13% when organizations adopted a structured program to invest in Red Hat Training—a reduction that results in annual savings of US$1.5 million.

Increased infrastructure output: Customers reported that their Red Hat-trained employees were able to get more out of their Red Hat infrastructure. Deployments were not only twice as fast; they were also better configured, which allowed organizations to raise their hardware utilization rates and have a higher level of assurance of their security posture. ESG’s financial model showed a benefit of 15% in better server utilization after Red Hat Training.

Decrease in support costs: ESG’s model quantified that, after Red Hat Training, there was a 20% reduction in tickets generated, and a 32% reduction in time to remediate tickets.

Table 1. Red Hat Learning Subscription tier comparison

Self-paced training - access to more than 1000 videos and high-definition training
Hands-on labs - 400 hours of cloud-based labs on authentic Red Hat software
Early access - advance screening of in-development courses and labs
Red Hat training bookshelf - e-book access for all training courses
Skills paths - curated groups of courses and exams that lead to broader goals, such as certification. Includes the ability to customize your own path
Expert extras - supplemental video content delivered by Red Hat experts 
Certification exams - 5 attempts and 5 retakes for certification exams 
Lab plus - hands-on scenario-based courses using product lab environments 
Live chats with Red Hat certified experts for help with training 
Live, virtual sessions - interactive, instructor-led sessions  

Ongoing learning for individuals and teams

Red Hat Learning Subscription is available to purchase for individuals or for the enterprise. On a per-user basis, individuals, teams, and small organizations can mix and match subscription tiers to rapidly transform their skills with Red Hat technologies. Red Hat Learning Subscription Enterprise is a scalable and comprehensive solution for organizations seeking ongoing training for a large number of users. The enterprise version of the subscription tiers offers a large number of subscriptions at a discounted, flat price. 

Get started with a free Red Hat skills assessment

For help on where to start with training, the skills assessment tool tests knowledge of Red Hat technologies to provide recommendations for either individuals or teams. The resulting personalized learning path maps which courses to take in the most effective order so training time is used efficiently. 

Red Hat Learning Subscription provides the critical skills training you need in one flexible, easy-to-manage solution. Learn more or start a trial by visiting the Red Hat Learning Subscription page.

  1. TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group study. “Analyzing the economic impact of Red Hat Training.” January 2024.

  2. Bank of Lithuania

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB Due to Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium, the adoption of the technology was smooth, providing a wealth of information throughout. And whenever the team had anything they couldn’t resolve, Red Hat Support jumped in with experts from around the globe sharing their knowledge.

-Bank of Lithuania[2]

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB The collaboration alone was worth the cost of Red Hat Training. Our people were exposed to so many new ideas from the other trainees. It made them curious. The power of curiosity is amazing in that it opens minds to how things can be done better, more securely, and more efficiently.

-ESG customer quote[1]