Deploy business value quickly

IT organizations want to deliver greater business value by increasing productivity, delivering services faster, and remaining flexible to incorporate the latest innovations like cloud, containers, and configuration automation. Modern workloads, whether on bare metal, virtual machines, containers, or private or public clouds, are expected to be portable and scalable. You need a modern, secure, and comprehensive platform to support those requirements. To effectively deliver business advantages in this new digital world, you need to shift IT from traditional infrastructure operations and to one that is service-delivery ready.

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® for Server is an intelligent operating system (OS) that can form a consistent foundation for enterprise hybrid cloud computing. It provides the tools needed to deliver services and workloads faster with less effort—supporting any application on any environment at any time, giving you control, confidence, and freedom.

Migrate your workloads more easily

You need to upgrade your server operating systems quickly and reliably. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Server provides a seamless, non-disruptive migration path for existing deployments to the most current version available. 

The increase in containerized deployments in your infrastructure requires new tools for security and stability at scale. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Server powers the entire Red Hat hybrid cloud portfolio, providing everything from container development and deployment tooling within the OS, to worker nodes in Red Hat OpenShift® deployments, allowing you to migrate between environments.

Bring Linux users on board more quickly

Skilled Linux professionals are difficult to find and in high demand. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Server is easy for your Windows users and other Linux beginners to adopt, with enhanced usability and familiar, intuitive deployment and management interfaces and features.

Overcome new technology and workload vulnerabilities

Your developers need access to the latest open source tools and frameworks. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Server provides an OS with many security-focused features for deployment on-premise or in a cloud environment, allowing you to deploy newer applications or versions without compromising security.

Your business requirements are growing while budgets remain tight. Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscribers gain access to all active versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, allowing you to choose the version most suitable for your deployment while avoiding the risk of untested and uncertified, low-cost solutions and products.

You need to prevent problems, resolve issues, and automate repetitive tasks to focus on fulfilling your business objectives. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Server helps you proactively identify, mitigate, and resolve risks that can impact the availability, performance, and security of your systems. By using included Red Hat Insights technology, Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Server provides you with proactive suggestions on streamlining configuration and assessing security-vulnerability gaps in your deployment environments.

Gain access to innovative new technologies

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Server includes access to the latest enterprise-ready Linux innovations developed by Red Hat in collaboration with the open source community. It supports Intel/AMD (x86_64), IBM Z Systems (s390x), IBM Power, and ARM architectures.

Your databases require optimized and security-focused platforms. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Server supports all the leading workloads and applications like Oracle Database, SAP HANA®, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Your developers thrive on innovation. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Server gives them access to current versions of mainstream development tools, including popular open source languages, language frameworks, databases, and other tools—all through the subscription.

New technologies often have unknown vulnerabilities. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Server helps you adopt new technologies while minimizing attack surfaces by only deploying the packages you need to support your workloads.

Deploy a comprehensive, scalable, optimized, and holistic enterprise OS

You need a comprehensive and scalable enterprise OS to deploy in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Server can serve as the foundation for a variety of applications that your enterprise needs to deploy throughout your organization. It provides rapid and consistent deployment in any environment and allows proactive, automated, and targeted provisioning to help create a reliable, efficient, and scalable infrastructure environment.

Complexity is increasingly affecting productivity across the IT value-chain. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Server, you can accelerate development and deployment by standardizing on repeatable, flexible, scalable, and automated images, patch management, and back-up processes. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Server’s built-in manageability and integration with the broader Red Hat  management and automation solutions can help you optimize IT staff efforts and reduce unplanned downtime.

An open hybrid cloud environment incorporates different infrastructure components. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Server, you can develop, deploy, and maintain applications on the infrastructure of your choice. With thousands of certified hardware, software, and cloud partners, Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Server offers a consistent foundation for your enterprise solutions across hybrid environments supporting virtually any workload.