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Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium

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Keep pace with technology with a flexible learning platform

As the pace of technology development continues to speed up, and teams need timely, focused software training. Demand for skills on topics such as hybrid cloud and container-native development continues to grow. Modern teams need up-to-date technical content with the flexibility of both synchronous and asynchronous training offerings to suit learning preferences and schedules. 

Red Hat® Learning Subscription Premium provides a customizable learning experience with self-paced and live training options. Users can tailor their learning with recorded video classes, e-books, online content, and live virtual classes. A subscription provides access to content across the entire Red Hat product portfolio, content that is continuously updated by Red Hat experts. Live, instructor-led classes create an engaging, immersive learning experience. These interactive sessions compliment the on-demand, self-paced learning materials available with a Red Hat Learning Subscription for highly effective, flexible training for everyone from beginners to experienced professionals.

41% of the courses in Red Hat Learning Subscription were added or updated in the past year. (Red Hat internal data)

This subscription provides an array of additional features to complement the learning experience. Cloud-based labs give the opportunity for hands-on practice in actual Red Hat environments. Expert extras are short, on-demand videos where Red Hat practitioners demonstrate innovative technologies in practical scenarios. Skills paths and pre-assessments are available for course selection guidance. Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium also includes certification exams. Red Hat’s exams are industry-recognized and performance-based. These exams validate that holders have the skills needed to undertake even the most ambitious technology projects. Reporting capabilities to track progress toward training and certification goals.

Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium lets you maximize your open source investment with a dynamic learning platform that suits everyone from beginners to experienced professionals. 

Subscribe to benefit from a full year of:

  • Live, instructor-led virtual classes: Benefit from an interactive classroom with added flexibility and convenience. 
  • Access to Red Hat certified instructors: Virtual classes are taught by the same experienced subject matter experts who lead classroom trainings. 
  • Flexible scheduling options: Various class topics and time options facilitate incorporating learning and preferences into busy schedules.
  • Focused training sessions: Participants can narrow their learning to more specific topic areas. 
  • Choice of learning modality: A combination of self-paced materials and expert-taught classes maximizes learning. 
  • Train without traveling: Learn when, where, and how it is best for you.

Red Hat training and certification produces results 

The Business Value of Red Hat Training, an IDC study, revealed that using Red Hat training provided an average return of US$43,800 per year per employee, which equals US$5.71 million per organization. The study also found that these companies see an increase in DevOps team productivity, faster deployment of new IT resources, and more efficient IT infrastructure teams. The quantified benefits of Red Hat training are1:

  • 365% three-year ROI. 
  • 10X increase in staff competent with Red Hat OpenShift®. 
  • 44% higher DevOps team productivity.
  • 34% more efficient IT infrastructure teams. 
  • 59% faster to deploy new IT resources.

A second IDC study, The Business Value of Red Hat Certification, found that certified employees were better able to use containers, Kubernetes, and other technologies to support more agile and effective development activities. The research also found that certified staff are able to work on more complex and important projects, perform better, and are known to have higher levels of skills and expertise. Some of the quantified benefits of Red Hat certification include2:

  • 409% three-year ROI. 
  • 47% more virtual machines per staff member. 
  • 24% more productive development teams. 
  • 23-51% faster deployment of IT infrastructure.
24x7 self-paced access to Red Hat online training and video classroom coursesContent is created by Red Hat experts who build and use Red Hat technology and is directly related to Red Hat certification exams.
Early accessBe the first to explore in-development technology before it is officially released by accessing courses and labs in development.
Cloud-based labsGet hands-on practice in authentic Red Hat environments, delivered 24x7 on six continents.
Skills pathsMap your learning and certification goals to one of the skills paths inside the platform to develop a strong foundation for a specific skill set.
Certification exams and retakes Validate your skills through performance-based exams remotely or at a testing station. Exams can be taken when and where it's most convenient.
Expert extras Red Hat field practitioners present short demo videos to supplement courses by showing innovative technologies and practices based on actual use cases.
 Expert chatGet direct answers and guidance from curriculum experts via a 30-minute chat session per day. Machine translations provide chat dialogue in local languages.
E-book DownloadsDownload course e-books to continue learning offline.
ReportingAn individual’s dashboard provides a summary of training progress, courses and labs taken, and exam status. Management reports provide insights so a team’s engagement and progress can be measured.
Globally available,
translated content
Access Red Hat’s most popular courses in as many as 11 languages: English, International Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, and Czech.*

*Course translations depend on training modality and course demand.

Localized content for a global audience 

In today’s globalized landscape, it is more important than ever for teams in all regions to have training available in their local language. With Red Hat Learning Subscription Standard, globally dispersed teams can have access to the same training content, 24x7, from anywhere. 

Red Hat is continuously improving and expanding translations to increase global accessibility of training materials. Using a combination of machine learning and human editing ensures accurate localization of the content. Video classrooms use machine translations to subtitle instructor-led lessons into other languages. Expert chat uses machine software to translate so non-English speakers can converse with Red Hatcertified instructors for guidance.

Written course contentThere are currently 50 courses in the subscription. Most are translated to our core eight languages: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. We also have some courses in Hindi, traditional Chinese, and Czech.
Video classroomsTranslations are available for all 40 video classrooms, including Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.
Expert chatMachine learning translations are provided for: English, International Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

Get started 

Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium is the complete solution to create the learning experience that best fits you: live-taught classes that fit into your schedule, on-demand training available anytime, extra access to instructors for guidance, and additional resources to support your learning.

Visit the Red Hat Learning Subscription product page: red.ht/learning-subscription, or contact your sales representative to learn more about getting started.

IDC Business Value White Paper, sponsored by Red Hat, The Business Value of Red Hat Training, IDC doc #US46999720, December 2020. https://www.redhat.com/en/resources/IDC-business-value-training

IDC Business Value White Paper, sponsored by Red Hat, The Business Value of Red Hat Certification, IDC doc #US47574721, April 2021. https://www.redhat.com/en/resources/idc-business-value-certification-analyst-material