7 ways to gain business value with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Benefit from Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, a foundation for modern and agile IT capabilities that support digital transformation and high-value innovation, even as your business needs change.

1. Operate in the open hybrid cloud with confidence

Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source enterprise IT solutions, is trusted by more than 90% of Fortune 500 organizations.1

  • Gain cloud independence: Get the same experience, no matter where you choose to deploy. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is certified for use with all major cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and Alibaba Cloud.
  • Manage applications, workloads, and services using the same tools across locations: Maintain consistency across physical, virtual, private, and public clouds, and network edge deployments.

2. Help DevOps teams innovate and deploy more quickly

Reduce friction between developers, architects, and operations teams to accelerate time to value.

  • Use a curated developer stack: Speed up development cycles with access to essential developer stack elements including popular and emerging container tools, databases, programming languages, and runtimes. 
  • Streamline deployment: Simplify how your operations teams deploy, scale, and manage applications in production, and in any environment. 
  • Simplify container operations: Use open standards-based container tools like Podman to run Open Container Initiative-compliant containers built using a trusted, supportable, and reliable universal base image (UBI) to improve development, management, and security.

3. Transform digitally from the datacenter to the network edge

Standardization can accelerate the digital transformation of critical workloads. 

  • Standardize on an enterprise-ready operating system (OS): Build on a successful foundation that is supported, maintained, and ready for deployment in any environment. 
  • Simplify edge computing: Gain the consistency, workload stability, and streamlined operations you need to move traditional and containerized workloads from your datacenter to network edge locations.

4. Reduce security risk with a strong foundation

Use certified, automated controls to keep up with the latest security trends, industry standards, and best practices.

  • Protect your business: Implement consistent security strategies with ongoing access to advanced security features, patches, and guidance.
  • Reduce risk: Multilayer breach defenses let you automate security controls and mitigate exposure to vulnerabilities.
  • Streamline compliance management and auditing: Implement industry standards from the time of deployment. Red Hat leads the industry in security standard certifications.

5. Improve efficiency and operational performance

Boost efficiency to enhance productivity and reduce manual errors without requiring more staffing resources.

  • Provide a consistent and repeatable management experience: Automate manual tasks, standardize deployment, and simplify day-to-day administration with integrated predictive analytics and remediation.
  • Centralize administration: Improve IT efficiency, speed, and consistency across both local and remote infrastructure with a central management interface.
  • Expedite future IT optimization: Use built-in tools to ensure optimal performance, increased efficiency, and streamlined management at scale.
  • Respond with Insights: Use Red Hat’s expertise to evaluate systems to identify and respond to issues in your environment.

6. Use an OS optimized for value

Set your organization up for the future with a leading platform that includes a large partner ecosystem.

  • Reduce IT burden: Gain confidence in deploying tested, verified, and supported solutions from Red Hat’s global ecosystem of expert partners.
  • Optimize for critical workloads: Red Hat collaborates with software partners and hardware original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide an optimized platform that increases performance and availability for popular workloads including SAP HANA®, Microsoft SQL Server, among others.
  • Gain industry-leading performance: Use existing optimizations to improve IT performance,2 and accelerate your application modernization efforts.3

7 Get the support and expertise you need

Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions are designed to provide developers, architects, administrators, and operations teams with the tools and resources they need on their IT journey.

  • Customize your level of support: Choose from multiple support levels and options to make sure your unique requirements are met.
  • Take advantage of Red Hat expertise: Give your team full access to the customer portal for best practices, reference architectures, documentation, videos, and collaborative discussions.
  • Simplify life-cycle planning: Access published release cycles, end-of-maintenance dates, upgrade options, and compatibility information to help you plan and manage the life cycle of your critical applications.

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