Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS:
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Ready to accelerate your cloud journey?

Welcome to the world of ROSA.

That’s Red Hat® OpenShift® Service on AWS (ROSA): a fully-managed Red Hat OpenShift service running natively on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The solution that’s helping businesses build, deploy and manage Kubernetes applications faster and more easily. With all the installation, management and maintenance handled expertly by Red Hat and AWS.

We gathered business leaders, ITOps and developers to show you how you can use ROSA to its full potential. If you missed our live virtual experience week in April 2022, you can now access the on demand content.

In this hub you will find a range of material to discover ROSA and how to adopt cloud-native application development quickly and easily. Scroll to explore!

On-demand: videos

Business Track

Watch our live studio recording from our Red Hat OpenShift on AWS leaders discussing and sharing insight on OpenShift and current cloud trends. Get to hear from industry experts, partners and customers on the value Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) brings as a managed service and how they are implementing ROSA in their businesses.

Find out how ROSA can help you accelerate time-to-value and empower your team to create and deploy applications faster.

Watch the complete event or highlights.


Watch the complete Business Track live session

Hear from Simon Briggs and Phil King as they guide you through the Business track and Introduce ROSA to your business. 

Simon Briggs, SR Solution Architect, Red Hat

Phil King, EMEA AWS Alliance Manager, Red Hat

Building and managing containerized apps in the cloud

Hear from our Red Hat and AWS leaders about why companies are moving to the cloud and are considering cloud services versus doing things themselves. 

Chuck Svoboda, Senior Director of Managed Services, Red Hat

Ryan Niksch, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

Customer testimonial: Vungle + Liftoff

Hear from our customer Vungle + Liftoff from Finland about their experience using ROSA for their business.

Customer testimonial: EDSN

Hear from our customer EDSN from the Netherlands about their experience using ROSA for their business.

Accelerate Container Adoption with Red Hat OpenShift on AWS

Hear about the advantages of using Red Hat OpenShift over standard Kubernetes and learn the advantages of the managed Kubernetes solution on AWS, Red Hat OpenShift on AWS.

Sai Vennam, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS

IBM Consulting: Accelerate Hybrid Cloud Transformation with Red Hat OpenShift on AWS (ROSA)

IBM partnership with AWS and Red Hat help enterprises accelerate digital transformation enabling intelligent application modernization and improving operational efficiency. With Nordcloud, now part of IBM Consulting, we will discuss IBM Consulting offerings to accelerate ROSA deployments and  how to ensure that the customer has prepared a solid cloud foundation.

Sunil Murthy, IBM Hybrid Cloud Global Alliances, IBM Consulting

Wilfred Thomson, Global AWS ROSA Campaign Leader, IBM Consulting

Kjell Langerland, Global Red Hat Alliance Manager, NordCloud

Technical Track

Discover how ROSA helps simplify your operations and get up and running faster. 

Listen to our technical track day where we have an introduction to ROSA as well as deep dive sessions and demos on how to build and deploy clusters in minutes.


Watch the complete Technical Track morning session

Hear from Simon and Ovidiu about a technical introduction to ROSA. Watch the whole session and see the questions that came up and the answers provided by our experts.

Simon Briggs, SR Solution Architect, Red Hat

Ovidiu Valeanu, SR Solution Architect, AWS

A Look Into Upcoming Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS Enhancements

What’s new and what’s coming to Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA). 

In this session, you will learn more about the recently released features in ROSA as well as upcoming features to launch in 2022. 

Aaren de Jong, Senior Technical Product Manager, Red Hat

An introduction on how to technically use ROSA and it's standard configurations

Join us for an introductory explanation and demonstration of how a ROSA cluster is deployed, configured and managed.

This session will help anyone understand the available approaches when using ROSA for the first time and then the solutions architecture and the recommended approaches to day 2 management of the clusters.

Simon Briggs, SR Solution Architect, Red Hat

Ovidiu Valeanu, SR Solution Architect, AWS

What is Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) in Red Hat OpenShift cloud services?

Hear directly from the Red Hat OpenShift Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team on their responsibilities for managing, automating and scaling Red Hat OpenShift clusters

Afternoon live demo: Technical deep dive on configuring ROSA for specific use cases

A detailed exploration of how Red Hat OpenShift on AWS (ROSA) clusters are built, the structures within, operators and AWS Controllers for Kubernetes which will allow integrations with other AWS services and those on premises. 

Developers Track

For the architects and application developers out there, watch the recording of our hands-on workshop to learn about Kubernetes and OpenShift, and explore how ROSA gives you the power to accelerate application development with familiar APIs and existing Red Hat OpenShift tools for AWS deployments. 


Embracing the future of development with Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

You are looking to master Kubernetes and distributed architectures? There are plenty of offerings out there but only one that will help you all the way from your first line of code to a fully monitored system in production. Hear Ian and Markus walking their way through modern distributed applications, from development with Quarkus to deployment with Tekton and ArgoCD on OpenShift Service on AWS. Bring your questions and help us answer all of them so you can get started immediately with your brand-new development experience.

Markus Eisele, EMEA Developer Strategist, Red Hat

Ian Lawson, Domain Solution Architect, OpenShift Developer Evangelist, Red Hat

DevNation Lab: OpenShift. Time to get your hands on a cluster

This lab was for hands-on architects and application developers who are interested in learning Kubernetes & OpenShift. It features a hands-on introduction to using OpenShift from the perspective of a developer. You will use the Developer Sandbox to access and use an OpenShift cluster. Watch to see the workshop.

Explore future live workshops here. 

Ana-Maria Mihalceanu, Developer Advocate, Red Hat

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Sub Hunt

In 1641, the Merchant Royal sank. It was carrying more than 100,000 pounds of gold and silver, and it’s location has never been known… until now. Get ready to hunt for the Merchant Royal!

Pod escape

Your project is being deleted- help a pod escape from a disappearing digital landscape. Built by Red Hatters passionate about Kubernetes.

Pity About Earth

Protect the planet from the dangers of space. Built with open source tools by Red Hatters Jared Sprague and Michael Clayton for Ludum Dare Game Jam.

Introduction to ROSA

Cloud Native: Enabler of Mission-Critical Applications

See how enterprises can stop worrying about building, maintaining, and securing infrastructure with managed services and automation.

IDC: Enterprises accelerate agility with cloud services

See how three companies use Red Hat OpenShift cloud services for digital transformation with workloads deployed in multiple environments.

Cloud-native expands to modernization and migration

Download this report by 451 Research about how businesses are going cloud-native to modernize and migrate mission-critical and data-rich applications.

Simplify Kubernetes adoption

Red Hat and AWS offer a fully managed, enterprise-grade container platform to help you adopt Kubernetes faster and focus on creating innovative applications, rather than managing the underlying infrastructure.

Simplify hybrid cloud operations with Red Hat and AWS

Read this infographic to learn how Red Hat and AWS can help you streamline your hybrid cloud journey with Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS.

4 tips for quickly building and scaling apps with Kubernetes

Discover how your organization can benefit from adopting Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS.

Modernize your IT with managed cloud services

To improve agility, speed, and flexibility, organizations are transitioning to the cloud and adopting cloud-native development. Learn how to accelerate application development and reduce cost and complexity using managed cloud services.

How partners are helping customers embrace the cloud with ROSA

Our rich partner ecosystem has been instrumental to the success of our customers. Red Hat partners offer customers valuable expertise across technologies and domains and unique solutions that are built on top of Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS, allowing customers to see tangible business value, faster.

ROSA: Pricing and Cost Control

In this session we discuss Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS pricing, how the cost relate to underlying AWS resources, OpenShift Subscriptions, and how these can be calculated.

Cloud Native with Red Hat & Amazon Web Services

Learn how you can adopt cloud-native development with Red Hat's managed services on AWS, saving you time and resources with installing, managing and securing a cloud infrastructure.

Try out OpenShift

Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift

Access Red Hat OpenShift without setup or configuration, and start developing quicker than ever before with our new sandbox environments.

DevNation Summer Camp

It’s time to go to DevNation Summer Camp where we will island hop and try out technologies that will advance your career.

Kubernetes 101

Red Hat Training has developed an introductory course to help you understand how using a container-based architecture benefits developers and operators (DevOps).

Hybrid cloud and Kubernetes: A guide to successful architecture

Learn hybrid cloud best practices and how to gain value by transforming your applications, infrastructure, and people, process, and culture.

Containers and Kubernetes market dynamics report 2021

Read the CCS Insight 2021 report looking into current trends in the container market.

Build Cloud-Ready Apps Faster

Build Cloud-Ready Apps Faster with Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Red Hat OpenShift Cloud Services

The purpose of this report is to provide a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Red Hat OpenShift cloud services on organizations.

Build your skills with on - demand sessions

In the Clouds | Stu Miniman

Join Stu Miniman, Director of Market Insights, Cloud Platforms at Red Hat for a discussion on the market landscape for Kubernetes, OpenShift, and hybrid cloud.

In the Clouds | The benefits of managed cloud services

Learn how managed cloud service offerings can help organizations reduce complexity and maximize IT investments, rather than getting bogged down on building out infrastructure.

In the Clouds | Sathish Balakrishnan, VP, Managed Services

Join Sathish Balakrishnan, VP, Managed Services, Red Hat to discover his view on managed cloud services.

Migrate and Manage Mission-Critical Workloads with ROSA

In this webinar, find out how your organization can develop, deploy, and manage modern applications using familiar languages and AWS services. Hear how Accenture Post Trade Platform, a trade settlement service for investment banks, moved on-premises workloads to a multi-tenant solution on AWS, greatly increasing business agility and reducing costs.

Simplify Container Management: Introducing ROSA

Watch this online session to see a live demo of ROSA and find out how this solution can help you accelerate application development and innovation in your organization.

Hands-on demo of Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

Get a hands-on demonstration of Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS. We'll cover setting up your first cluster, adding and deleting clusters, and much more.

Red Hat OpenShift Cluster Migration Considerations

One aspect of migrating Red Hat OpenShift workloads to AWS relates to migrating OpenShift the application platform itself to AWS. In this session we explore questions and considerations that customers and implementation teams should be taking into account during this migration phase.

Red Hat OpenShift Application Migration Considerations

Once customers have OpenShift as an application platform up and running on AWS, the next step is to migrate application workloads to that cluster. In this session we explore questions and considerations that customers, application owners, and DevOps teams should be taking into account during this migration phase.

Drive Developer Productivity Up by 24% with ROSA

View this webinar with IDC to hear how organizations are seeing a 661% ROI in five years and increasing application developer productivity by 24% with Red Hat OpenShift on AWS.

Accelerate your Migration of Red Hat OpenShift to AWS

In this webinar, we explore post-deployment management of Red Hat OpenShift on AWS and tools and services to aide in migration.