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Red Hat Certified Professionals are proven

Employers around the world trust Red Hat Certification

Red Hat® is your partner in building and developing an effective technical team. Red Hat's hands-on, practical certification exams prove that the Red Hat Certified Professionals you hire and manage are qualified to work with your Red Hat products.

Learn how our certifications, skills assessments, and training—both self-paced and instructor-led—can help you develop a team of professionals ready to lead you into the future.

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Our customers look to us to have the right expertise on staff. One way we show them that we are prepared to handle their environments is the large number of Red Hat Certified Engineers we have.

Sean Millichamp, Enterprise Architect, Secure-24 and 2012 Worldwide Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year Learn more



90% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Red Hat.


More than 50,000 exams were delivered worldwide in 2013.


179 countries have Red Hat Certified Professionals.

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Success stories around the world

Professionals in 179 countries around the world hold Red Hat® certifications. Watch the videos to learn how RHCPs around the globe are applying their certified skills.

Customer confidence

Secure-24 uses Red Hat Certifications to demonstrate expertise to customers and grow its business. With a Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year on staff, the company is also attracting great talent in a competitive employment market.

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