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Deliver innovation faster

User demand for new functionality grows faster than you can keep up with. Bring new applications, services, and features to market without compromising security or quality with cloud-native development.

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Red Hat‘s cloud-native development solutions help you develop innovative, faster apps

Red Hat’s cloud-native development solutions provide flexibility and agility to build and run applications—on any cloud—while also modernizing enterprise middleware. Red Hat® OpenShift® is a modern app platform that can replace aging, expensive application servers.

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App Dev Management

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Developing apps in containers: 5 topics to discuss with your team

Learn 5 topics managers should discuss with their developers about using containers to build, deploy, and deliver applications.

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Cloud-native meets hybrid cloud: A strategy guide

Learn how to build application environments for reliability, productivity, and change.

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Top considerations for building a production-ready AI/ML environment

Learn about key considerations and technologies for creating an effective AI/ML environment based on Red Hat OpenShift.


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Introducing using OpenShift Serverless for event-driven applications

With OpenShift Serverless 1.11 features, developers will be able to expand their capabilities with serverless workload and leverage Eventing to build Event-Driven applications ready for real-world challenges.

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Building apps in containers: 5 things to share with your manager

Learn 5 things developers should tell their managers about using containers to develop applications and microservices.

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Developing on Red Hat OpenShift

Our interactive learning scenarios provide you with a preconfigured OpenShift instance, accessible from your browser without downloads or configuration.

UPS makes apps happen faster with containers

Lufthansa employees

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UPS delivers more than 20 million packages a day. The company needed a better system for managing the data connected to all those parcels. Red Hat helped the shipping giant build a flexible, container-based solution to move workloads to the cloud. The result? A reduction in UPS’ app development cycle, from more than a year to a matter of weeks.

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