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With an open, flexible, and simplified infrastructure, standardized on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system, you can be ready for anything. Simplify your platform. Optimize your workloads. Red Hat can help you get there.

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Why simplify?

The need to deliver innovation with a hybrid mix of new and old applications, infrastructure, and processes often adds to a sense of pressure and frustration in IT organizations. Platform simplification is the key to giving hybrid environments a competitive advantage because it establishes a consistent and stable IT foundation. When an operating environment is flexible, consistent, resilient, and more secure, then the overall application and user environments inherit that consistency and security. Platform simplification streamlines the challenges of delivering services faster in complex environments.

Overcome your challenges

Increase consistency across IT environments

Set your enterprise up for future deployments–including cloud, on premise, containers, or at the edge. Applications, services, and IT teams build on the features and capabilities of the operating system. A standard operating environment allows organizations to choose the footprint for their workloads and make the most of the infrastructure they already have. 

Standardizing on a platform that’s tested, verified, and supported abstracts away the complexity of the underlying hardware and ensures consistent and ongoing support across the infrastructure, regardless of where workloads run now or in the future. It also allows you to use monitoring and management tools for your entire infrastructure, rather than having a view into only the subset of systems in any given cloud.

Establish a strong security posture by building on a trustworthy platform.

IT teams need to deliver services with speed and at scale but before they can do this, they need to have stable, trustworthy systems in place. The foundational security focus provided by a consistent and reliable platform means the layered products that run on top benefit by inheriting built-in security and proactive analytics. Enterprises can use these included analytics tools to identify and remediate security risks and compliance gaps, ensuring their systems are running optimally.

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB As an industry recognized platform, and the fact that Red Hat goes to great lengths to get their stuff security accredited, it makes it a lot easier for me to get applications put into production since I can point my customer security people at the work that Red Hat has done upstream.

Thomas H Jones II

Senior Cloud Engineer at a consultancy with 51-200 employees

Address skills gaps, gain operational efficiencies, and free up time to focus on innovation

So many efficiencies can be gained with a standard operating environment in place. Efficiencies like automation of your processes. Automating routine tasks can boost efficiency by as much as 96%. Reduced time spent on maintenance and consistency across both traditional and modern apps means more time for innovation and development.

Reduced silos in the infrastructure help operations, development, and security teams work together more effectively. And with a single platform, organizations reduce the specialized knowledge required to operate and maintain their environment.

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB Having that solid foundation of [Red Hat Enterprise Linux]—in the cloud, on virtualized, on bare metal, and the public cloud—allows customers to go anywhere they want, any cloud they want, any type of application.

Brian Gracely

Former Director of Product Strategy, Red Hat

Free your apps from cloud constraints

With our open solutions, your technology can support your vision, not limit it.

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Red Hat + partners

Red Hat’s extensive partner ecosystem gives you choice and flexibility for your hybrid cloud to meet future needs as they arise.

Lufthansa Technik decreases delays with Red Hat

Lufthansa Technik

How do you reduce flight delays in 100 days? Lufthansa Technik, the commercial airline industry’s largest maintenance provider, did it with hybrid cloud. With Red Hat, Lufthansa Technik built AVIATAR, a digital platform that helps airlines make data-informed scheduling and maintenance decisions.