Cloud-native agility.
Carrier-grade reliability.

Telecommunications service providers maintain networks that support billions of connections among a growing range of smart devices—impacting both industries and whole societies. Red Hat helps transform legacy networks into agile platforms for innovation from core to edge - with open, cloud-native infrastructure and a partner ecosystem offering thousands of new possibilities.

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Open source is reshaping telecommunications

Network transformation

Find open network strategies

Open solutions are creating consistency—from core to cloud to edge. Learn how holistic automation can optimize time, people, and resources.

Automation and AI

Automate network functions anywhere

Automation and AI can help service providers scale without complexity. Make agile automation accessible.

App modernization

Modern support systems start with more choice

Modern support systems start with more choices. Maximize your choices for cloud-native innovation. 


Keep sustainability in mind

Reduce waste, emissions, and inefficiencies. Learn how to optimize your complex operations to move toward sustainability. 

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Customers in action.

Learn how Red Hat customers have achieved their goals with telco solutions


Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB The future competitiveness of the telecoms industry now depends on how agile, open, and autonomous your telco cloud infrastructure is…

Anwar Alsubhi

General Manager of Cloud Infrastructure, stc

Stc is Saudi Arabia’s leading digital services provider. Find out how stc evolved its multivendor telco cloud to achieve service provider goals.

NTT East

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB We are keen to continue collaborating with Red Hat in refining our services in response to customer needs, industry changes, and technology trends.

Daichi Kushima

Manager, Digital Transformation (DX) Development Division 4, New Business Development Headquarters, NTT East.

NTT East delivers edge computing data analysis to regional businesses and organizations. Learn how NTT East creates Video AI Service for community data insights.

Innovating with our partners


Delivering best-in-class telecommunications solutions

Red Hat will serve as the primary infrastructure platform for Nokia's core network applications.

94% of telecommunication companies in the Fortune Global 500 rely on Red Hat*

Source: Red Hat client data and Fortune Global 500 list, September 2023.

Watch and learn

Red Hat experts host in-depth telco solution demos and webinars, all found within our video hub and our “Red Hat Telecommunications” BrightTALK channel. With on-demand access, you can watch and learn when it works best for you.

More telco resources

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Telco sustainability

How can telcos achieve their sustainability goals? 

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We answer 6 questions about Cloud RAN mobile architecture.

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