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With an open hybrid cloud strategy, you stay agile‑no matter the complexity or environment.

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Any cloud or every cloud. Your choice.

Plan for a future defined by the scope of your ambition, not the scale of your complexity. An open hybrid cloud frees your technology choices to align to your business strategies—wherever they lead.

Connected clouds

A consistent foundation for complex environments

IT infrastructure isn’t one-size-fits-all. Whatever your past choices and whatever your future plans, you'll need a flexible operating foundation that brings consistency and stability to every environment—so you can seek opportunities, not workarounds.


Understanding Linux

As IT grows more complex, Linux® remains the standard for standardizing across clouds.

Elevated apps

Develop once. Deploy anywhere.

Modernize your approach to app development and delivery on a cloud-native, cloud-agnostic Kubernetes platform that can keep up with customers without leaving teams or tools behind.


What is Kubernetes?

Fast, modern app development begins with this open source container platform.

Automated tasks

Automate your everyday processes

Repetitive tasks occupy time your team could spend on more rewarding work. No matter your automation goals, standardizing and simplifying your approach can help you scale up and keep up.


Learning Ansible basics

Get started with scalable, agentless automation.

GM shapes software-defined automobiles with Red Hat

If we’re going to put an operating system in a vehicle, we have a commitment to our customers to ensure robustness and safety. And, for us, Red Hat was a key collaborator to achieving that.

Scott Miller
Vice President, Software Defined Vehicle and Operating System
General Motors

See how cars and clouds connect

You don’t need vendors.
You need partners.

That’s why we’ve curated a collaborative community of technology partners to break down cloud barriers, so you can unlock new paths—without limiting your future choices.

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