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Red Hat and Quru

As the fastest-growing Red Hat solution provider based in London, UK, Quru is an award-winning Red Hat Premier Partner with experience, skills, and accreditations that cover the entire Red Hat portfolio. Quru works with other leading open source companies, including IBM PowerLinux, EDB, SEP, and Linbit to deliver integrated solutions.

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London, UK

Information Technology Industry

Partnership objective

Develop integrated open source solutions that address key business challenges and deliver tangible benefits, using Red Hat products as the foundation technology.


  • IBM PowerLinux
  • Commodity servers
  • Bespoke appliances

As a Red Hat Premier Partner, we had seen the benefits of Red Hat Virtualization and decided to use the software we recommend to our customers. Our team now has a much deeper appreciation of Red Hat solutions. And the engineering knowledge that comes from using a solution on an everyday basis sets us apart from some of our competitors.

Robin Porter, Business Development Manager, Quru

Delivering cost-effective, flexible solutions

As a result of considerable experience successfully deploying Red Hat products, Quru made the strategic decision to consolidate its own entire IT infrastructure on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Virtualization. Quru’s goal was to improve management of its technology environment while reducing costs and maximizing flexibility and scalability.

The need to control IT costs was of prime importance to Quru. As is true for many fast-growing enterprises, the company had acquired a highly diverse IT infrastructure. Each business application ran on its own dedicated server, and this configuration was time-consuming and expensive.

“All of our internal systems needed to be virtualized to provide greater flexibility and to improve hardware efficiency,” said Robin Porter, business development manager at Quru. “We had seen the benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and decided to use the software we recommend to our customers.”

Boosted availability and scalability

Quru consolidated its physical infrastructure onto a Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Virtualization environment. As a result, the company was able to reduce the number of servers it uses from 8 to 2, with a dozen virtual machines per host.

The shift to a Red Hat virtual environment enables Quru to run an expanded range of services, with more developers writing applications on less hardware. At the same time, management is simpler, with faster provisioning. In the past it, took a developer as long as 3 days to build a server and deploy an application for testing. Today, with Red Hat Virtualization, it takes only a few minutes.

Quru’s IT infrastructure now has high availability and scalability. The inherent interoperability of the Red Hat solution means developers can work seamlessly when using a wide variety of operating systems, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, SLES, Ubuntu, and Windows.

Mobile proof-of-concepts for demonstrations

To demonstrate the capability of Red Hat products on a customer site, Quru has developed a mobile proof of concept (PoC) called QuruLab. This resource has enabled Quru to accelerate the sales process by replicating the client IT environment—without touching their systems—and being able to show the capabilities of the specific Red Hat product or of another open source product and answer questions on the spot.

“Building the PoC together with using Red Hat internally means we are now walking the walk, as well as talking the talk, when it comes to Red Hat,” said Porter. “Our team now has a much deeper appreciation of Red Hat solutions. And the engineering knowledge that comes from using a solution on an everyday basis sets us apart from some of our competitors.”

By standardizing on Red Hat Virtualization and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Quru has developed an IT infrastructure that is scalable, easy to manage, and backed up by a secure disaster recovery plan. That combination supports the consulting firm’s continued rapid growth as a Red Hat Premier Partner.

Case study: International auction house lowers IT costs with Red Hat and Quru

Bonhams, the privately owned British auction house specializing in fine art and antiques, relied on Quru’s technical support for the development, deployment, and support of Linux and open source solutions. On Quru’s recommendation, the global auction firm chose Red Hat for a scalable, cost-effective system enabling remote management and a dependable disaster recovery strategy.

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