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The value of a Red Hat subscription

Red Hat's approach to software goes against the traditional licensing model and vendor lock-in. This gives you freedom and choice for your business' needs.

What it is

Enterprise software without the headache

The software industry is filled with companies selling monolithic software, holding on to the antiquated approach of licensing and upgrade fees, in addition to a maintenance contract. The upfront costs of this approach—moving from outdated, unsupported versions—can be painful and unwieldy.

Red Hat decided that wasn't a sustainable model more than a decade ago and our services and software have been available through a subscription model ever since.

Now you can focus less on the pains of software and more on moving your business forward.

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What you get

With a Red Hat subscription, you get the latest technology with the assurance you need to keep your business running. You also benefit from the expertise of engineers making software the open source way.


Secure. Stable. Reliable.

A Red Hat subscription gives you access to enterprise-ready software, updates, and information and support services that span your entire application infrastructure, life cycle, and architecture. You can count on receiving the latest product versions with the stability and security you've come to expect from Red Hat.

With clear and manageable upgrade paths and product life cycles, you won't be caught off guard with mandatory updates. You can rely on security patches and bug fixes being delivered for the entire life of the product.


Enterprise-grade certainty

Red Hat maintains relationships with thousands of software vendors, hardware vendors, and cloud and service providers to certify their technologies in your Red Hat environment. Multivendor support gives you a single source to trust when it comes to keeping your business running.

Beyond hardware and software assurance, you can remain confident through Red Hat's Open Source Assurance Program, which provides certain safeguards in the event of intellectual property legal claims.


Experience you can trust

Technical expertise is a key aspect of our customer engagement philosophy. Through discussions, articles, documentation, and other knowledge content available in the Red Hat Customer Portal, you get the full expertise that our engineers have to offer.

Red Hat engineers work in open source communities to develop technology that becomes Red Hat products. Red Hat is the leading commercial contributor to the Linux kernel, JBoss community, and many other open source projects. Through a subscription, your feedback is used to the benefit of the entire community.

Focused on engagement and offering a total customer experience through proactive tools and guidance, Red Hat support ensures your business can address issues before they appear—saving valuable time and costs.

There's a lot more included in your Red Hat subscription. See how Red Hat gives you the guidance, stability, and security you need.

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Why Red Hat?

Tried. Tested. Trusted.

Past results are every bit as important as future performance. That’s why for more than a decade, Red Hat's solutions have been trusted in the world’s most rigorous datacenters, handling everything from the critical to the routine.

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