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Your budget shrinks, but you have to deliver more every year—consolidate, build shared services, increase security, and prepare for emergency situations. The answer? Stable, trustworthy, and secure Red Hat open source solutions.

Red Hat® technologies use the power of open source communities to make you more efficient, meet critical IT demands, and improve service delivery—all without vendor lock-in.

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From mandatory access controls to CDM and identity management, Red Hat provides the most secure, certified, and interoperable open source platforms for the most demanding missions in defense, intelligence, and civilian agencies.


Is your agency engaging with citizens and employees through mobile? Red Hat offers a mobile application platform that speeds up mobile application development with secure integration to back office systems and centralized control of security and policy management.


Like Red Hat, DevOps relies on open source software. Our Platform-as-a-Service can give you the speed and flexibility you need for a DevOps culture change without sacrificing the security, scalability, and management that your mission demands.


The cloud depends on open source, and Red Hat is the open source leader. Whether you’re building your own cloud with OpenStack, bridging public and private cloud, or just automating a virtualized data center, Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud platforms can help.

Big Data

Big data demands better workflows, smarter storage, and an open source platform that pulls it all together. Red Hat partners with industry leaders for a secure, certified big data practice.

In particular, the ability to stand up IaaS and PaaS capabilities makes this deployment stand out as a success in the government sector.

Munjeet Singh, Senior associate, Booz Allen Hamilton Learn More

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Innovation for the modern datacenter

Our open source technologies are being used throughout the federal government, from processing Medicare claims at the CMS to handling airplane traffic at the FAA to enhancing every tactical vehicle in the DOD, and in all 50 states.

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Connecting communities

People. Passion. Participation. We're dedicated to helping state and local governments make a difference in their communities.

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Innovative technologies from the classroom to the campus

We're deeply committed to the future of education, and ready to make your IT run smoothly so students, faculty, and administrators can focus on a better learning experience.

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Partnering for value

In the public sector market, the Red Hat partner community helps customers implement innovative, cost-effective solutions that respond to business needs and deliver value.

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