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The world is changing. So are government agencies. Red Hat’s open source technologies help state and local agencies achieve their mission to serve citizens, respond to crises, and build public trust. We provide the support you need to deliver higher quality services faster—while improving the security, stability, and privacy of your systems.

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The future of citizen services is digital

For many state and local agencies, providing citizen services quickly while embracing emerging technologies is difficult. Shifting legislative priorities, budget constraints, and legacy system maintenance mean constant pressure on resources. At the same time, constituents expect a customer experience with government that is comparable to their experiences with top consumer brands.

To meet these and other challenges, it’s clear that the future of government is digital. This means using innovative technologies to transform how agencies do business—while achieving cost savings and driving more value for citizens in the process.

Citizen services

Common challenges. Customized solutions.

Agencies across state and local governments feel pressure from citizens to move with the same agility as innovative consumer brands.

Common challenges agencies face today include:

Rising expectations

Constituents and staff expect contactless, digital self-service for many government services.

Growing complexity

Maintaining legacy systems, expanding into the cloud, and the introduction of microservices demand new skills and training.

Workforce constraints

Long-time IT staff are retiring and their replacements seek job opportunities with modern IT tools and processes.

Faster project timelines

Development timelines are reduced from years or months to weeks or days to respond to shifting agency and constituent needs and current events.

Aging infrastructure

Monolithic infrastructure and applications cannot easily scale to accommodate large data influx from government services, creating risk at critical times.

While these challenges are shared by state and local governments globally, Red Hat understands that each agency has unique workloads and services that require specialized solutions.

State and local governments rely on Red Hat

To achieve digital government, Red Hat works alongside our agency customers to make their transformation as smooth as possible. We focus on three critical elements—people, process, and technology. By eliminating barriers between IT and business stakeholders, we help you shift cultural barriers so that your agency acts more consistently and collaboratively. By automating processes and services, we help you codify workflows, reduce technical debt, and innovate faster. And we help you modernize your technology to better achieve your agency’s mission, with less risk.

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Department of Technology, Management, and Budget

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB We can now rapidly develop prototype applications and get digital services to citizens faster.

Jack Harris

CTO, Michigan Department of Technology, Management, & Budget

Discover how Red Hat helped the State of Michigan build a cloud-ready digital service solution with containers.

We meet you where you are

Red Hat partners with state and local agencies to deliver value with open source solutions.

This means we help our customers modernize legacy systems and build new infrastructure, while staying within budget and comply with regulations. Our products and services can help you consolidate and optimize, manage risks, embrace the cloud, and improve data management, analytics, and cybersecurity.

Sector Spotlight

Health and Human Services

See how experts at Red Hat work with health and human services agencies to embrace DevOps and modernize IT to reduce costs and achieve better citizen outcomes.

Integrated data leads to better results

The IT team at one state department of health and human services faced many challenges including disparate and disconnected data sources, citizen information that was not shared across services, and slow, manual app deployment. Solutions offered by Red Hat focused on integrating the information network to allow for a single constituent view across all services, with automated deployments and updates. The results were improved caseworker productivity, new and faster enrollments, and rapid, frequent app enhancements.

Modernizing IT improves patient care

A top U.S. healthcare provider faced critical clinical systems that were outdated and difficult to keep online. This, along with high staff turnover and skill gaps, led to disrupted updates and upgrades to clinical systems—leading to a decrease in patient quality of care. Red Hat’s customized solutions delivered a centrally provided, multi-departmental platform for appdev and hosting. Among the many benefits were centralized and standardized update and upgrade activities, a standard development platform for multiple departments, and increased stability through automation and cloud-native apps.

Learn about Red Hat’s solutions for health and human services agencies


Sector Spotlight

Public Safety

Here’s how Red Hat works with public safety agencies to modernize applications, scale for disaster-related communications, and store and analyze data to meet mission-critical goals.

Modernizing to scale for crisis response

A large fire on the west coast was burning across mountains and freeways. Anxious residents bombarded the local government service department’s website, looking for information and evacuation instructions. Just months earlier, that volume likely would have taken down the website because the portal was outdated, difficult to update, and lacked scalability.

Fortunately, the state services department was conducting a proof of concept using Red Hat solutions, including the development of CI/CD pipelines for simplified and speedy updates and automized scalability capabilities to handle surge loads. Because these modernized systems were in place, the agency was able to accommodate an unprecedented number of website visits and better manage the natural disaster.

Learn more about Red Hat’s solutions for public safety agencies


Sector Spotlight

Transportation and Critical Infrastructure

Learn how Red Hat works with transportation and critical infrastructure agencies to modernize, embrace DevOps, and scale to meet the evolving needs of citizens.

Improving public transit with DevSecOps

Alarmed by major safety incidents and decreasing ridership, a state governor declared a state of emergency for its transportation authority. Other problems included breakdowns and delays caused by aging infrastructure—including cars, switches, and computer systems. Worse, the agency’s plan to increase inspection frequency was limited by an archaic, paper-based system. In response, Red Hat helped the agency build a modern, mobile app solution for asset management, allowing inspectors to pull up work orders, locate assets via GPS, take photos and measurements, and tick off inspection tasks on the appropriate checklists—all in a secure ecosystem. This app integrates with dozens of the agency’s backend systems, including asset management databases, financial systems, and mainframes. And commuters can download a free app to see train and subway car locations in real time, giving them more confidence in public transportation. In the end, the agency experienced a 30% increase in on-time performance, improved safety and shorter mean time to repair (MTTR), a 27% decrease in major incidents, and a 46% decrease in delays.

Automating tasks improves efficiency

One state department of transportation was struggling with error-prone tasks causing unplanned downtime, manual procedures delaying projects, and lack of scalability. With Red Hat’s help, manual data center tasks were automated. By building this automation base across departments, the agency reduced unplanned outages, increased speed and accuracy of daily administrative tasks, and orchestrated complex tasks enabling single-click automation.

Learn how Red Hat helps transportation and critical infrastructure agencies


Why Red Hat?

Red Hat helps your agency achieve its mission by offering trusted open source solutions that are created to adapt to change and support the evolving public sector. We know that each agency is unique and our technologies give you the flexibility and stability to embrace digital government, transform and scale, and respond to crises. In addition, we are certified where you need us to be and have cultivated an extensive partner ecosystem to modernize legacy systems with a continuous and holistic focus on innovation, security, and compliance.

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