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Realize the true potential of your business

There’s a gap between what your lines of business demand and what traditional IT is capable of delivering. To close the gap, you need a proactive strategy that increases performance and agility across infrastructure, applications, development, and operations. That’s where we come in.

How we work with you

Red Hat® Consulting works with you to solve complex business problems through open-standard technologies—from apps to infrastructure, and automation to cloud. We find cost-effective ways to help you operate efficiently. First we assess your goals, then your current processes and technology to identify the best path forward.

We consider:

  • Your organization’s ability to react to change.
  • How effectively you use your team and IT assets.
  • How dynamic and automated your business could and should be.

Then, together we build a plan for establishing a dynamic, converged environment that makes sense for you.

Whether it’s standardizing on secure, flexible, open-standard architectures, integrating and managing across functions, or enabling dynamic responses to shifting business needs, we help prepare your environment for future success.

Maintain capabilities or advance the business? You can do both.


Establish a strong foundation based on open standards and open source to improve operational efficiency, performance, flexibility, and scalability.

  • Migrate off older systems, platforms, and applications.
  • Deliver broad, scalable, economical open-standards-based storage.
  • Integrate disparate systems and apps.
  • Establish common tools, architectures, and process for repeatability and predictability.

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Optimize your ability to develop and deploy solutions in the face of change so you can manage complexity and respond faster to shifts in demand.

  • Apply management tooling and practice to navigate complex systems.
  • Adopt agile principles to become more flexible and responsive.
  • Get the right data to the right places.
  • Establish a smart, automated business.

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Automate test, integration, and scalable deployments to adapt to variable demand and changing business priorities.

  • Bridge the gap between development and IT operations.
  • Manage multiple resources through a single window.
  • Speed integration and adoption of cloud platforms.
  • Plan, build, and manage a private cloud.

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We saw the value of investing in Red Hat Consulting and we made the right decision—the expertise we gained from the Red Hat Consulting experience helped us achieve our goals and work toward our mission.

Barbara Schleider, Director of Technology Services, Management Information Systems (MIS), Florida Hospital
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