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What are the benefits of hybrid cloud?

Hybrid cloud enables teams to develop and scale new applications while still benefiting from existing systems. However, managing disparate IT environments can present teams with unexpected technical and process challenges. By adopting a hybrid cloud strategy with a trusted partner, you can optimize your infrastructure along with the best practices your teams need to continuously support new business goals.

Red Hat’s open source development model informs our flexible hybrid cloud software—but hybrid cloud is about more than just code. Red Hat consultants pair their technical expertise with an understanding of proven team models like DevOps and continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD). Our outcomes are focused on helping you adapt teams, processes, and technology for hybrid cloud whether you’re in an early or advanced stage of adoption.


hybrid cloud strategy consulting

I want to create a tailored, adaptable cloud strategy.

A detailed cloud strategy can help you choose where and how to manage workloads, reducing costs and improving application stability. Understanding how cloud environments can impact compliance, business goals, and performance is essential, and will help you smooth the transition to hybrid cloud infrastructure.

We work with you to construct an integrated framework that focuses on processes and collaboration as well as technology. You can then move forward with the roadmap you need to build hybrid and multicloud platforms that are fast, flexible, and customized to your organization’s needs.

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Gain in-depth information and advice to develop a detailed hybrid cloud strategy


I want to quickly build and manage hybrid cloud platforms

Whether you’re just getting started modernizing existing platforms or already looking to scale your cloud-native initiatives, our consulting services are designed to support your hybrid cloud strategy.

Our expertise can assist you in building a reliable, flexible foundation for hybrid cloud workloads to lower operational costs, reduce downtime, and increase productivity.

Our consultants have direct access to Red Hat support and product development to get you the answers you need quickly and easily. We can guide your business through discovery sessions, and share cultural processes not just specific to Red Hat, but derived from the best practices of agile  open source communities.

build and manage hybrid cloud platforms

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migrate workload meeting

I want to migrate and optimize workloads for efficiency and performance.

Reaching the cloud is not the end of your journey, as IT infrastructures will have to be continuously adaptable to meet evolving market demands. Workloads can be migrated for performance and compliance, and automated processes can help disparate systems and teams align with fast-paced changes. Our consulting teams strategize with you to achieve a hybrid cloud infrastructure that is reliable, predictable, and consistent across multiple environments as needs change.

Hybrid cloud adoption can be advantageous—it can mitigate risks in security, and reduce operational expenses. A solid vision for workload optimization allows IT professionals to feel empowered to make informed decisions, adapt to shifting demands, and pursue business goals.

Red Hat consulting can help with proven processes and tools.

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Transform your organization with hybrid cloud infrastructure

We can help you get to where you want to go. Contact our consultants to find out how we can help strengthen your teams through strategy, technology, and processes.


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