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Accelerate automation. Connect your teams.

Digital leaders aren’t just automating isolated workflows—they’re learning to automate across the enterprise.
IT automation is most valuable when adopted enterprise-wide, going beyond task automation and bringing teams together to collaborate and create shared value. 
Well-defined automation tools and streamlined processes can help every team strengthen IT systems, improve reliability, and work more efficiently. 

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How to solve your automation challenges

The right tools—along with hands-on collaboration, robust training, and operational support—can set you up to overcome automation challenges and achieve long-term success. 

Red Hat® Services has the tools and the real-world experience to help you implement enterprise-wide automation and scale to meet business demands. Red Hat’s experts can show you how to accelerate your time to value, improve infrastructure and application workflows, integrate DevOps practices, and bolster security, reliability, and compliance.

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Red Hat Consulting


Automate at enterprise scale

Red Hat Consulting works alongside your organization to define, prioritize, and meet your automation business goals—whether it’s to standardize, optimize, update, secure, or completely migrate your existing automation infrastructure.

Through a mentoring model that promotes skills transfer and hands-on collaboration, Red Hat will help you deliver business quickly, reliably, and securely at scale - all while optimizing your teams to work in a collaborative, agile way.

Red hat consulting

Red Hat Training and Certification


Ramp up and validate automation skills

Red Hat Training can help you build skills to automate common IT tasks and support hybrid cloud deployments so you can reduce infrastructure complexity and focus on more critical work.

Train to provision, deploy, configure, and maintain applications and IT infrastructure with consistency and efficiency. Gain certification through performance-based exams that will test and validate your skills with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

Red hat training and certification

Red Hat Technical Account Management


Improve security and compliance

Red Hat Technical Account Managers (TAMs) are your single point of contact, a trusted advisor to provide long-term technical expertise on Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform strategy. This includes monitoring platform operations and performance, enhanced security, improving deployment and patching plans, and providing migration scenarios.

TAMs can help fuel cross-team collaboration and innovation, and also support your goals to increase ROI, reduce outage time, and improve productivity. Do more—faster—without risking stability or security.

Red Hat technical account management

Automate Beyond Configuration Management

Red Hat Consulting can help you drive adoption and build a cohesive automation strategy.

Listen to Red Hat experts share the benefits of Ansible to learn how we can help you automate across your enterprise and maximize your IT investment.

Video: Automating Beyond Configuration Management

Swisscom gains efficiency by standardizing and expanding automation.

ProRail accelerates IT processes from weeks to days with automation.

Cepsa improves efficiency to focus on innovation.

Ready to do more with automation?

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is a comprehensive, integrated solution that helps automate for velocity, collaboration, and growth. It delivers open source innovation, so you can boost productivity and reduce time-to-completion for new projects.

No matter where you are on your automation journey, Red Hat can help.