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Lead with automation and connect your teams

Digital leaders aren’t just automating their existing workflows—they’re learning to create shared value with automation. This means getting beyond task automation, and refocusing towards the cross-team outcomes of better IT agility and reliability.

Your organization may be automating some aspects of IT already, but do you qualify in an advanced or beginning stage? Take the online assessment to find out, identify next steps, and get resources to support your progress.

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Where can automation create value?

IT automation is well-known for freeing team members from repetitive server provisioning, but that’s only one use case. IT automation is most valuable when adopted enterprise-wide.

Red Hat’s consultants bring real-world experience with enterprise-wide automation to improve infrastructure and application workflows, security and compliance, and CI/CD and DevOps practices. We recommend an automation-first approach that addresses practical and long-term value across the business—from how your servers are provisioned, to delivering network services, to the transformative team norms it can enable.


Automate at enterprise-scale

Automate at enterprise-scale

IT automation is not a new concept, but new methods and strategies have emerged to extend its value to a wider set of use cases, domains, and stakeholders. The right approach will get you beyond task automation to thoughtfully designing standardization, process optimization, and governance for multiple teams and apps. This is more than traditional infrastructure automation, with use cases in networking, configuration, storage, security, orchestration, and more.

Red Hat®️ Consulting helps you establish continuous integration for your infrastructure and plan enterprise strategies to define every aspect of your systems and services as code. These incremental changes help you push for broader value within your organization, getting you closer to the goal of delivering infrastructure, services, and workflows at scale with the click of a button.


Improve security and compliance

Security is an integral part of application development and systems management that requires collaboration and visibility across teams. Red Hat Consulting can show you how to use automation to provide shared visibility for applications teams, site reliability engineering teams, and security teams.

With shared visibility in place, we can help you transform the role of security more holistically. This can be achieved, for example, by building security into the development process. In many organizations, waiting for security approval until a system change has been fully developed can slow down deployments. Automation can support pre-approved, reusable software components for developers, which in turn unburdens security teams from a portion of the approval process.

Improve security and compliance



Increase agility with automation-first

An “automation-first” approach forces teams to refactor processes and methodology with a focus on measurable business value. Red Hat consultants believe in an automation-first approach because it is a practical method to bridge gaps across teams and departments. Our consultants bring real-world experience identifying shared goals for an entire organization and dependencies across teams.

Red Hat Consulting helps teams evolve the open practices needed to engineer for agility, re-orienting teams away from departmental tasks toward broader collaborations like DevOps to focus on business impact and agility through automation. With these foundational practices in place, teams continue to iterate on first successes long after our consulting services have concluded.

Ready to start automating?

No matter where you are on your automation journey, Red Hat can help. 

Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform is a comprehensive, integrated solution that helps you automate for velocity, collaboration, and growth. It delivers open source innovation, hardened for your enterprise–so you can boost productivity and reduce time-to-completion for new projects.

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See how Red Hat Consulting can help you automate across your enterprise and maximize your IT investment.

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Enterprise-wide automation, with well-defined tooling and streamlined processes, enables innovation and provides clarity to all parts of the organization.

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