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Transform your enterprise with the power of mobile

Mobilizing business processes and applications can increase your efficiency, help you better engage with customers, and lower costs.

A mobile application platform for your mobile-first strategy

Mobility is becoming a top priority for enterprises as it offers the promise to drive innovation and streamline operational efficiency. This creates a challenge for IT as mobility demands collaboration on faster, continuous development cycles, openness to new toolchains and architectures, and integration with existing core systems.

Red Hat Mobile Application Platform enables you to develop and deploy mobile apps in an agile and flexible manner. Take advantage of open technologies and standard toolkits while centralizing control over security, back-end integrations, and policy management.


Take mobile-first from hype to reality

  • Innovation at your pace

    Give your organization a single end-to-end platform to quickly create, integrate, and manage mobile apps.

  • Flexibility

    Support the broadest range of devices and channels for native, hybrid, HTML5, and web apps.

  • Secure integration

    Speed mobile app integration with enterprise-grade Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS).

  • Return on mobility

    Flexible cloud deployment options and reusable connectors and plugins help deliver fast returns without lock-in.

  • Rapid adoption

    Allow developers to choose the tools and frameworks that make them most productive.

  • Collaboration

    Promote collaboration amongst teams of all types: in-house or outsourced, across all development roles.

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