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For data without bounds, you need storage without limits.

Overwhelmed by growing data stores? Easily manage all your big, unstructured, and semistructured data in physical, virtual, and cloud environments with our limitless storage.

Have growing data storage needs? The sky’s the limit with our storage.

Explosive data growth is overwhelming hardware-based storage—and IT budgets. And there's no end in sight: IDC expects data worldwide to reach 40,000 exabytes by 2020. Most enterprises are unprepared to manage all this data, much less extract value from it. But not doing so can mean losing your competitive edge—and business.

Unlike proprietary, hardware-based storage, which limits your ability to keep up with today’s immensely growing data stores, the Red Hat® Storage portfolio gives you an open, software-defined storage platform that scales across physical, virtual, and cloud resources—without limits.


Provides a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective data management platform, streamlining file and object access across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.
Provides a robust, highly scalable block and object storage platform for enterprises deploying public or private clouds. Voted No. 1 storage option by OpenStack® users.

Success Stories

These customers rely on Red Hat to meet their data demands

We’ve had researchers from Gambia running analysis on the system, and we had teams uploading sequencing data to OpenStack and Ceph last year during the Ebola outbreak in Africa. This is a large-scale, remote resource that we can ship data to, from anywhere.”

Our costs, including various procurement costs and operating fees, fell to less than half of what they had been before implementing Red Hat Gluster Storage.”

The decision was easy. We now have access to a system that is much faster and, compared to the EMC solution, costs are 8 times lower. In our business, margins are small, so that is very important.”

What is open, software-defined storage

Software-defined (or software-based) storage brings virtualization to enterprise data storage. You can scale storage, compute, and networking resources across on-premise and cloud environments, without being tied to individual hardware components.

But we've taken it a step further. Our software-defined storage is also open source. It draws on the innovations of a community of developers, partners, and customers. And you get the benefits of volume economics by running the software on standards-based commodity hardware or public cloud resources. The result is agile, scalable, loosely coupled environments for unstructured data storage.

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Red Hat customers get the latest software, trust that it's secure, and gain access to a community of experts making software the open source way.

Open Source Communities

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Gluster.org community

GlusterFS is an open source, distributed file system capable of scaling to several petabytes (actually, 72 brontobytes) and handling thousands of clients. Red Hat Gluster Storage is the hardened, enterprise-grade version of GlusterFS.

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Ceph community

Ceph is a massively scalable, open source, software-defined storage system that runs on commodity hardware. It delivers object and block storage in 1 self-managing, self-healing platform with no single point of failure. Ideally, Ceph replaces legacy storage and provides a single solution for the cloud.

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