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Red Hat Ceph Storage

A platform for petabyte-scale storage

Red Hat® Ceph Storage is a massively scalable, programmable storage platform that supports cloud infrastructure, media repositories, backup and restore systems, and data lakes. It can free you from the expensive lock of proprietary, hardware-based storage solutions; consolidate labor and storage costs into 1 versatile solution; and introduce cost-effective scalability that modern workloads require.

Features & benefits

A single, open, and unified platform

Red Hat Ceph Storage is an enterprise open source platform that provides unified software-defined storage on standard, economical servers and disks. With block, object, and file storage combined into one platform, Red Hat Ceph Storage efficiently and automatically manages all your data—so you can focus on the applications and workloads that use it.

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Performance that scales

Take advantage of high-performance object storage for emerging applications like video delivery networks, cloud DVR, and network functions virtualization (NFV). Deploy Red Hat Ceph Storage clusters and NVMe SSD in performance tiers that are optimized to support the bandwidth, latency, and IOPS requirements of high-performance workloads.

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Train directly with Ceph experts

Benefit from the expertise of Ceph's creators and primary open source sponsors through best-in-class consulting, award-winning global support, and expert training. Get access to more than 1,000 instructor-led recordings, and up to 400 hours of hands-on labs. Complete tracks—at your own pace—that link storage with cloud computing and virtualization; clustering; and server administration.

All. The. Knowledge.

Open software on industry standard hardware

Lower the cost of storing your data by building a storage cluster using standard, economical servers and disks. Red Hat Ceph Storage isn’t picky about hardware, so select the servers you need based on performance, capacity, or both. Use your own systems, or check out the storage server vendors who have tested and evaluated specific cluster options for different cluster sizes and workload profiles.

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Red Hat Ceph Storage is tightly integrated with Red Hat OpenStack® Platform, Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, and Red Hat Cloud Suite. You can provision virtual machines and run fully supported cloud platforms on any standard hardware, or integrate it with protocols used by Amazon Web Services and the OpenStack Object Storage project, It’s even compatible with the popular S3 and Swift object storage application programming interfaces.

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Because Red Hat products are flexible, dynamic, and compatible with any x86 technologies, it made it easy to accommodate these, as and when they are needed.

Dr. Jassim Haji, Director of Information Technology, Gulf Air

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Customer success story

Monash University eResearch Centre improves research support with Red Hat Ceph Storage

Monash University hosts the Monash eResearch Centre (MeRC) in Australia. MeRC partners with research groups and connects them—and their collaborators—to appropriate hardware, software, and services to accelerate their research. To meet client demand, MeRC needed to adopt agile, software-based storage. The centre chose to deploy Red Hat Ceph Storage, running on Dell servers, to cost-effectively provide the scale and flexibility to support its highly agile research environment.

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