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Why choose Red Hat storage?

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Red Hat’s open, software-defined storage solutions help you work more efficiently, grow faster, and rest easy knowing that your data—from important financial documents to rich media files—is available and stored safely.

Because data never slows and you need reliable access

These days, the success of an enterprise depends on more, faster: data, work, revenue. But how do you store it all? Enter software-defined storage, a quickly scalable, cost-efficient answer to all your data storage needs.

You don’t even have to think about it—and that’s the point. Red Hat takes care of your data storage needs, so you can take care of your business.

Once upon a time, you had a few word processing documents and a stack of human resources information, and it was all stored on legacy hardware with proprietary software. But your data storage needs have changed. What was once just a small assortment of documents has grown into a mountain of rich media files and massive amounts of information vital to your enterprise—and it’s growing exponentially every day.

If you have doubts that your current storage infrastructure will cover your future needs, you’re not alone. Every rapidly growing business faces the same challenges when it comes to data storage:

  • Increasing costs
  • A lack of flexibility
  • Increasing complexity
  • Feeling locked in to a vendor or a particular platform

More and more organizations are facing petabyte-scale loads and lack the infrastructure to support it. Data lives all over the place: in physical machines, virtual environments, and clouds. With all these variables, it’s easy to understand why storage is a major, constant source of frustration.

To keep pace, you need modern storage solutions that are optimized for your particular workload. You should be able to control it all to meet your needs at your own pace—not at a speed or increment set by a vendor who dictates how much storage you have and how much it costs. You need technology that works easily and cost efficiently, and then gets out of your way.

There’s a lot more to do with storage

Software-defined storage (SDS) certainly isn’t a bunch of servers blinking away in a closet. It’s the data management layer that sits on top of your data. SDS essentially decouples the software that manages the storage from the hardware and frees you from having to invest in storage appliances that bundle proprietary software and hardware. Instead, with SDS you can run storage software on the same industry-standard servers you use for everything else and scale your storage resources across bare-metal and cloud environments.

Given all this, SDS doesn’t have to come from the same vendor that sold you the hardware. You can automatically adjust based on how much capacity you need, reducing the requirement for human intervention. Your capacity can grow with your data while the amount of hardware required remains exactly the same.


Get more out of your container applications by running persistent storage within them; or get more out of your storage by running it within containers.

Big data analytics

Analyze huge lakes of data quickly and securely for better business insights.

Object storage

Store, back up, and retrieve petabytes of data flexibly and reliably.

SDS sounds good, right? Now it’s time to choose whom to trust with your data. Red Hat SDS solutions are all built on open source, meaning you have legions of developers, partners, and customers working together. Our technology, used daily by Fortune 500 companies around the globe, draws on decades of open source knowledge and expertise. For you, that means agile, scalable environments with SDS you can trust—without limits.

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Why choose Red Hat storage

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