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What to know about Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 End of Maintenance

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Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 7 will reach the end of its maintenance support 2 phase on June 30, 2024. It is important to upgrade soon to the latest versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux to continue to take full advantage of everything the operating system has to offer. This includes new features, security enhancements, bug fixes, cloud functionality, ongoing support and more.  

End of Maintenance (EOM) means that you will lose access to critical and important impact security advisories (RHSAs) and urgent priority bug fix advisories (RHBAs).

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 will reach end of maintenance on June 30, 2024, but it is not reaching End of Life. 

End of Life (EOL) occurs when a product or service is discontinued. Organizations that use the product will have to migrate to a new solution to continue receiving full support, updates, and security fixes.

Additionally, CentOS Linux 7 will reach End of Life (EOL) on June 30, 2024. Users who migrate to Red Hat will convert their systems to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. From there, they can either upgrade to a newer version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or you can take advantage of Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS).

Upgrading to a newer version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux will not only offer stability years into the future, but give you access to features that you have yet to encounter. It is also an effective way to defend against security breaches and satisfy compliance requirements with the latest security patches and fixes.

With a 10-year major release life cycle and our commitment to preserve application stability with each minor release, Red Hat can help your organization achieve a critical balance between accessing the latest technologies, frameworks, and programming languages while maintaining a stable platform to run your business.

As technology expands to the cloud and the edge, you also need an infrastructure that will support growth and innovation. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 EOM presents the opportunity to modernize and scale your infrastructure. 

As Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 end of maintenance approaches on June 30, 2024 preparation is key. Red Hat has the resources, tools, and consulting offerings you need to keep your systems running and keep up with the latest benefits that Red Hat Enterprise Linux has to offer. Get started by:  

  • Determining which version is best for you
  • Outlining steps for your upgrade project 
  • Keeping track of important dates
  • Finding resources to ease your transition 

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux upgrade page has everything you need. 

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