Healthcare and life sciences

Flexible I.T. solutions

Meet new healthcare challenges head on

The healthcare landscape is evolving. Your organization must comply with changes associated with the Affordable Care Act and new regulations, connect to the wider healthcare community, overhaul inefficient business models, and cut costs—all while delivering safe, quality patient care.

What's the quickest and most effective way to respond to these changes? With a secure, open IT infrastructure. And as the world's leading enterprise open source provider, Red Hat has the expertise to build it for you or integrate our solutions into your existing environment.


Open source helps healthcare get better

Unlike proprietary solutions, open source software is collaboratively created by hundreds of thousands of developers–including the very people from the healthcare industry who use and improve the software to meet their needs.

Our open source development model is a rapid, highly innovative, and cost-efficient approach to making software that's well-suited to the critical IT demands of the healthcare industry.

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Improve your security

Create a secure foundation for critical business applications

Many top healthcare companies rely on Red Hat to protect their sensitive data using our solid security features and highly available solutions. Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® is the leading open source operating system. It lays a stable foundation that supports your changing requirements and secures your protected health information.

Integrate and automate

Accelerate, integrate, automate

Red Hat JBoss® Middleware facilitates and simplifies the exchange of health information through seamless integration and automation. You can develop, deploy, and manage applications on-premise or in the cloud, and use our service-oriented architecture (SOA) integration and messaging technologies to integrate the healthcare community.


When change happens, you'll be ready

Red Hat Virtualization is optimized for major hypervisors (including Microsoft and VMware) and hardware, letting you scale to meet constantly changing healthcare needs.


Health information at your fingertips

In healthcare, flexible, cost-effective access to data any time you need it is critical. Red Hat Gluster Storage provides a virtual environment to store structured and unstructured data. It lets you efficiently manage your growing healthcare data requirements, controlling growth and the cost of the new data being generated every day.

Bridge environments

Become more agile with open hybrid cloud technologies

Red Hat cloud products are consistent, enterprise-class environments that bridge the physical and virtual inside your datacenter and public clouds. Our technologies give you the flexibility to adapt to change at a moment's notice, while simplifying IT and controlling costs.

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