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Wipro and Red Hat partner to accelerate and de-risk the journey to the cloud


Partnering with Red Hat®, Wipro is empowering enterprises to modernize their applications and remediate their technical debt at the same time.

Underpinned by Red Hat OpenShift®, the Wipro Containerization, Cloud enablement, and Cost-optimization (C3 Modernization) framework provides the flexibility needed to become cloud-and container-ready, then move to the cloud when the time is right.

Built on Wipro’s Cloud Studio, the C3 Modernization offers pattern-based toolkits to streamline container-based, cloud-native development and speed up application migrations to Red Hat OpenShift. Red Hat technology provides an interoperable foundation for containerized applications. Enterprises can seamlessly move applications from on-premise to Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS without recoding their applications.


One framework addressing multiple needs

Enterprises are adopting an open hybrid-cloud approach and container-based architectures to gain the agility, scalability, and cost optimizations needed in today’s world. But some organizations have yet to commence cloud enablement or application containerization–both of which are important initiatives


Many enterprises that have yet to modernize also have technical debt in their application estate. Technical debt remediation is often linked to critical initiatives such as compliance. By adding technical debt remediation, along with cost optimization, to cloud enablement and application containerization initiatives, enterprises can accelerate their journey to cloud migration and containerization. 


Red Hat partner, Wipro, offers its customers a framework to accelerate their application modernization; C3 Modernization addresses containerization, cloud enablement, and cost optimization all at once. The end-to-end model allows enterprises to address their technical debt while making their applications cloud- and container-ready so they can migrate with ease. 


Wipro recognized that enterprises could only achieve a consistent, flexible, and scalable foundation for their applications with an open hybrid-cloud approach and container-based architectures. That's why C3 Modernization was built on an open container platform available, both, as a managed service on a leading public cloud and as a self-managed on-premise service.


The flexibility to choose

Wipro selected Red Hat OpenShift as the application platform to underpin C3 Modernization because its interoperability supports enterprises no matter where they are on their  journey to the cloud. This interoperability allows seamless modernization from an on-premise private cloud, to an AWS cloud, without recoding its applications.  

Underpinning C3 Modernization with Red Hat OpenShift supports enterprises that choose to address technical debt remediation in parallel with application modernization and move to the cloud with OpenShift Service on AWS. At the same time, it supports enterprises that choose to remediate their technical debt and to modernize their applications but defer cloud adoption. C3 Modernizations allows these enterprises to make their applications cloud- and container-ready and run on Red Hat OpenShift on-premise. They can then move to OpenShift Service on AWS at a later date without touching the applications again. 


Red Hat OpenShift also aligns with the open source containerization standards that meet the criteria of a wide range of runtimes and the expectations of Wipro’s customers. To avoid the pressure of vendor lock-in after modernization and technical debt remediation, enterprises can choose the best runtimes that suit their needs. 


In addition to using the Red Hat container platform, C3 Modernization also leverages technical and licensing know-how from Red Hat, such as capacity planning and the provisioning of Red Hat OpenShift environments. 


The migration of applications to the cloud is further optimized through Wipro’s Cloud Migration Factory model. The model comprises five patterns, each describing a current and target application state along with a migration path. After profiling each workload, the C3 Modernization framework leverages the appropriate patterns to accelerate the migration and proactively remediate any vulnerabilities that might occur along the way.


Together, Wipro and Red Hat developed an accelerator for each migration path. The Wipro Application Migration Toolkit, for example,  accelerates migration for applications that are ready to be rehosted on Red Hat OpenShift with minimal refactoring, while the Red Hat Migration Toolkit for Applications accelerates cloud-native development.

Business outcome

Jump-starting the journey to the cloud

Enterprises across all sectors leveraging C3 Modernization underpinned by Red Hat OpenShift and OpenShift Service on AWS benefit from an enterprise-grade, container-based platform free from vendor lock-in. A comprehensive set of developer tools, combined with streamlined and automated container app builds and deployments, means they can develop their applications faster to bring innovations to the market.


The inherent interoperability that comes with Red Hat OpenShift allows enterprises to choose a self-managed Red Hat OpenShift environment running on-premise, a managed Red Hat OpenShift service with OpenShift Service on AWS, or a hybrid combination. And while apps running on Red Hat OpenShift can scale massively in seconds, OpenShift Service on AWS offers scalability combined with pay-as-you-go pricing, so you can go at your own pace. 


C3 Modernization allows enterprises to address technical debt remediation and application modernization in parallel. It streamlines and accelerates cloud enablement, containerization, and migration to Red Hat OpenShift. A proactive approach minimizes risk; predefined patterns automatically identify and mitigate any potential migration issues by, for instance, understanding any configuration changes needed within each workload when it is moved from an on-premise environment to OpenShift Service on AWS.

Wipro’s C3 Modernization framework underpinned by Red Hat OpenShift is helping enterprises navigate their critical first steps to the cloud. With the help of the C3 Modernization framework and Red Hat OpenShift, enterprises can jump-start application modernization with cloud enablement and containerization while remediating technical debt at the same time.

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB We selected Red Hat OpenShift as the foundation for C3 Modernization because it provides interoperability that allows enterprises to move seamlessly from an on-premise private cloud to the AWS public cloud.

Jagadeesh Parachur Chengalvarayan

Consulting partner for Cloud offerings, Wipro

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