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Open Source Assurance

Deploy with confidence

Red Hat views the protection of our customers as one of our most important priorities. So we developed the Open Source Assurance program to safeguard customers developing and deploying open source solutions.

The Open Source Assurance program provides certain assurances to customers in the event there is an intellectual property issue with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, JBoss Enterprise Middleware Suite or any other Red Hat branded subscription product. These assurances include (i) replacing the infringing portion of the software, (ii) modifying the software so that its use becomes non-infringing, or (iii) obtaining the rights necessary for a customer to continue its use of the software without interruption. As an additional protection, Red Hat also provides indemnification in its Open Source Assurance program.

All customers with valid Red Hat subscriptions are eligible for the Open Source Assurance program. The terms of the Open Source Assurance program are contained in the Open Source Assurance Agreement that is available to Red Hat customers via Red Hat Network.