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China Mobile Group Guangdong Co., Hisense Group Holdings Co., Industrial Securities Co. and SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co. Announced as Winners of the Red Hat APAC Innovation Awards 2021 for China

Recognized for their digital transformation achievements and hybrid cloud innovations experienced through the use of Red Hat's open source solutions


Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced the winners of the Red Hat APAC Innovation Awards 2021 for China. China Mobile Group Guangdong Co., Hisense Group Holdings Co., Industrial Securities Co., and SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co. were honored at the Red Hat APAC Forum Virtual Experience today for their digital transformation journey and innovations using Red Hat solutions.

2021 continues to be a year of uncertainty, but Asia Pacific organizations are using open source technology to more rapidly and effectively create more business possibilities with digital transformation. They are using technologies like hybrid cloud, data analytics and edge computing to meet changing market landscapes and enhance customer experiences. Congratulations to this year’s winners, and we hope that Red Hat’s open source solutions will continue to help address the many real challenges our customers face today, and unlock the future for business in Asia Pacific.

Marjet Andriesse
vice president and general manager, APAC, Red Hat

Open source continues to be an innovation engine for Asia Pacific enterprises by helping them modernize infrastructures, develop applications and transform digitally. According to Red Hat’s recent State of Enterprise Open Source report, 92 percent of the region’s IT leaders are using enterprise open source today, exceeding the global average of 90 percent.

With the theme of “Open Your Perspective,” the Red Hat APAC Forum Virtual Experience encourages organizations to build resilience, achieve their transformation goals and propel their business forward with open source. This year, the Red Hat APAC Innovation Awards recognized the technological achievements of 24 organizations in the region for their creative thinking, determined problem solving and innovative use of Red Hat solutions.

The winners were selected based on the impact of their Red Hat deployments to support business goals, company culture, industry and communities, as well as the uniqueness of vision for the project. They displayed how open source tools and culture have helped them to improve productivity, agility and cost savings, while empowering them to address future challenges and emerging trends more confidently and effectively.

Winners were recognized in five categories: Digital Transformation, Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud-native Development, Automation and Resilience.

Category: Automation

Winner: China Mobile Group Guangdong Co., Ltd.

China Mobile Group Guangdong Co., Ltd., is a professional subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corporation, a leading telecommunications services provider in China. It provides mobile voice and data services, wired broadband and other information and communication services to more than 100 million users in Guangdong, China. Its operating income ranks first among all communication companies in China.

To enhance their cloud business, China Mobile Group Guangdong hopes to adjust and protect cloud infrastructure more quickly through automated operation and maintenance. With the help of Red Hat Consulting, the telecommunications company aimed to reduce the complexity of their applications and environments, meet demanding customer SLAs and free up resources for business innovation. To overcome these challenges, it used Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform to deploy a unified automation platform for cross-domain management, realizing the automation of inspection, patch upgrade, operating system upgrade, configuration change, security baseline check and security hardening. In the security hardening scenario, for example, each engineer can quickly check and maintain thousands of servers, increasing the timeliness by 95%, quickly responding to service requirements, and reducing the overall cost. More resources can be devoted to innovation and a better customer experience.

Category: Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud-native Development

Winner: Hisense Group Holdings Co.

Hisense Group Holdings Co. (Hisense) business spans a wide range of fields, including multimedia, home appliances, intelligent IT information systems and modern services which includes smart transportation, precision medicine and optical communication.

Hisense initiated a PaaS cloud project to better support the business platform and industrial cloud deployment and selected Red Hat OpenShift for the implementation.

After adopting Red Hat OpenShift, Hisense reduced the time spent manually setting up the environment from 3 days to 1 hour, greatly shortened the system construction cycle, increased resource utilization by more than 60%, and ultimately reduced the overall cost and significantly improved IT agility. Red Hat Consulting services also helped the team ensure that the project implementation followed the correct process in the system architecture design to meet quality and schedule requirements.

With increased agility and efficiency, reduced costs and faster project delivery, the platform has made a positive impact on Hisense’s various business units and departments. Application development and operation and maintenance (O&M) departments have fully realized the advantages of PaaS over traditional virtualization and IaaS, such as improved resource utilization, dynamic scaling capability of PaaS, and rapid deployment of DevOps, promoting more departments to use PaaS.  

Category: Digital Transformation and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Winner: China Industrial Securities Co., Ltd.

China Industrial Securities Co., Ltd., (Industrial Securities) is a national, comprehensive and innovative national securities company approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission, and mainly offers services such as securities brokerage, underwriting and sponsorship, investment consulting, securities operation, financial advisory, and financing and securities financing. The group has always attached great importance to the development of fintech, and has placed fintech and digital intelligence transformation at the strategic height of the group.

To promote the holistic construction of "Digital and Intelligence thriving Industrial Securities" and build a cloud-native system in different domains and layers, Industrial Securities built a comprehensive solution which includes Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) runtime capabilities, microservices implementation and services with Red Hat OpenShift. OpenShift gives the company access to a comprehensive Kubernetes solution with enterprise support. Also, Industrial Securities is working with Red Hat Consulting to transform and undertake future operational and technical tasks of the container platform. Furthermore, they are using Red Hat Training to help IT teams quickly upgrade their skills.

The deployment successfully increased the company’s speed of innovation. The new platform has reduced 30% of compute resources usage via containerization, allowing the company to slash their total cost of ownership. Industrial Securities can also handle change management and business oriented development more seamlessly by reducing the application development cycle by 70%, from 5 days to 2 days. In addition, IT teams can also provide infrastructure services much more quickly via the cloud, being able to extend core systems in 15 minutes instead of two days.

Category: Digital Transformation and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Winner: SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co.

SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd.,(SAIC Volkswagen) is a Sino-German joint venture founded by SAIC Motor and Volkswagen Group in October 1984. The company is one of the earliest automobile joint ventures in China.

To stay ahead of the automotive market, SAIC Volkswagen aims to lead in the emerging field of the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), networks of vehicles equipped with sensors and software that can connect and exchange data with each other using the Internet of Things (IoT). The company wanted to build a major platform for implementing IoV and IoT and chose a containerization deployment mode, which can support evolving smart connected vehicles and host in-vehicle traffic portals in the long term.

SAIC Volkswagen chose Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux to build this platform, in collaboration with Red Hat Consulting. Red Hat’s open source technologies helped the company avoid lock-in with closed source licensed products while offering enterprise-level support capabilities to help solve problems quickly and support the reliability of production environments. Red Hat OpenShift is also able to support hybrid cloud architecture, which can be adapted to different use cases across multiple infrastructures.

SAIC Volkswagen is now well positioned to invest more in business innovation and use the cloud to deliver faster infrastructure services and achieve greater business agility. Through the OpenShift-based PaaS platform, the platform team can more quickly provide the infrastructure and services needed by the business development team, giving them more time to focus on smart vehicles and systems innovation. The platform’s hybrid cloud architecture also means that business services can be more quickly and flexibly scaled based on traffic. At the same time, the business can be deployed to different cloud infrastructures according to the requirements of different scenarios, helping the business to respond quickly to changing market trends.

The Digital Transformation category recognizes organizations that have successfully addressed IT challenges and delivered business value to effectively compete as a digital enterprise. The Automation category highlights projects that most successfully automated processes, workflows, tasks and IT operations to rapidly implement innovative, disruptive technologies and practices. The Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure category showcases a collaborative public, private or open hybrid cloud deployment, and the Cloud-Native Development category showcases agile methodologies and organizations that have most successfully illustrated superior overall performance in creating, maintaining and deploying successful business applications.

Supporting Quotes

Marjet Andriesse, vice president and general manager, APAC, Red Hat

“2021 continues to be a year of uncertainty, but Asia Pacific organizations are using open source technology to more rapidly and effectively create more business possibilities with digital transformation. They are using technologies like hybrid cloud, data analytics and edge computing to meet changing market landscapes and enhance customer experiences. Congratulations to this year’s winners, and we hope that Red Hat’s open source solutions will continue to help address the many real challenges our customers face today, and unlock the future for business in Asia Pacific.”

Feng Xuhan, Cloud Resource Pool Operation and Maintenance Supervisor, China Mobile Group Guangdong

“The telecommunications industry has rapidly evolved, particularly in the last two years. Red Hat’s solutions have helped us keep up with the needs of our customers by providing a reliable open-source platform that automates and tracks mobile network information better, faster, and more efficiently. We are now better equipped to meet and exceed customer expectations in the fast-paced telecommunications market.”      

Li Gaowei, Deputy General Manager, Process IT and Data Management Department, Hisense Group Holdings Co.

“Scientific and technological innovation is the crux of Hisense. The Platform-as-a-Service capabilities we have built with Red Hat’s open source solutions allowed us to fully utilize resources and manage both internal and external systems better. By being able to save costs and speed up application delivery times, we were able to transform our operations enterprise-wide. We are now better positioned to continue delivering exceptional technological products and stay ahead of the innovation curve.” 

Li Yutao, CIO, China Industrial Securities

“Red Hat has helped us cope with serious technical challenges, providing a powerful and flexible platform to help us improve the service architecture. The platform will further consolidate our 'digital infrastructure' base, power societe generale securities in the next few years, increase the number of intelligent and digital transformations, boost group two-wheel drive speed and the integration of high quality development.”

Xu Xiaoqing, senior manager of Information Systems Services, SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co.

“The automotive industry is seeing major technology shifts. With the development of smart vehicles and intelligent vehicles, vehicles are becoming computers with wheels, and manufacturers are also transforming to technology companies. Red Hat empowers our company to adopt open source software and open source culture that can help us accelerate innovation and become innovative leaders in the Internet of Vehicles space.”

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