Pure Storage and Red Hat Accelerate Modern Virtualization Adoption Across Enterprises

Together, Portworx by Pure Storage and Red Hat OpenShift unify VMs and containers to meet enterprise-grade requirements for application modernization at scale on any compute and storage infrastructure


Pure Storage® (NYSE:PSTG), the IT pioneer that delivers the world’s most advanced data storage technology and services, and Red Hat, the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced an optimization for Portworx® by Pure Storage on Red Hat OpenShift to enable streamlined integration and provide enterprises with a more seamless path to modern virtualization.


Our collaboration with Red Hat not only accelerates application development and deployment but helps drive enterprise reliability and operational flexibility across complex, hybrid cloud environments.

Murli Thirumale

General Manager, Portworx by Pure Storage

By delivering a single platform to deploy, scale, and manage modern applications, and a single control plane for both virtual machines (VMs) and containers, Pure Storage and Red Hat can help accelerate time to market and provide a consistent and flexible data experience.

Enterprises are increasingly moving applications to containers to speed and scale deployment. However, many enterprises remain significantly invested in large traditional application footprints that run in VMs. Supporting multiple platforms based on both VMs and containers is cumbersome and expensive, often exacerbated by the need to re-architect VM-based applications for compatibility with modern frameworks. This can slow development, create operational complexity, and hinder data visibility. In fact, according to a recent survey1, more than 4 out of 5 (81%) of data management stakeholders are planning to modernize or migrate existing VM workloads to cloud-native, with 79% citing operational simplicity as a key driver for these plans. 

Portworx by Pure Storage and Red Hat OpenShift, through Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization, support both containers and VMs, enabling customers to standardize end-to-end application modernization at scale. With the latest optimization and co-development, enterprises can run traditional virtualized applications side-by-side with modern containerized applications, streamlining operations, reducing costs, and bringing the entire application development process together.

Portworx brings enterprise-grade data management capabilities to Red Hat OpenShift customers to not only migrate VMs to Red Hat OpenShift but also provide developers with a single, self-service portal to build, test, and deploy applications, with integrated support for storage, data, and the entire application lifecycle management. Benefits include:

  • Faster time to market with enhanced operational efficiency: Enterprises can improve time to production with self-service options for development teams to quickly migrate VMs, and apply cloud-native operational and development practices to VMs, accelerating time to value. Additionally, Portworx and Red Hat offer more cost-effective options for customers to shorten ramp-up time and Day 2 operations, resulting in a remarkable estimated 63% cost reduction encompassing infrastructure expenses, licenses, and subscriptions when compared to alternatives.
  • Simplified, more consistent development and management: Together, Portworx and Red Hat help simplify the management of VMs and containers with a unified view, and a more consistent set of storage, data, and application management tools, creating better alignment between virtualization admins and platform engineering teams. 
  • Flexibility to deploy VMs and containers anywhere: Enterprises can modernize their VM-based applications by benefiting from the modern storage, data, and application management principles by integrating Portworx with Red Hat OpenShift. This enables enterprises with greater flexibility to deploy VM and containerized applications on any on-premises, cloud, hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure while maintaining consistent storage and data services.

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Supporting Quotes

Mike Barrett, vice president and general manager, Hybrid Platforms, Red Hat

“Portworx offers enterprise-class storage capabilities such as high availability, performance, backup and disaster recovery for both VMs and containers running in Red Hat OpenShift. Together, we are providing a powerful solution for enterprises seeking to modernize their application development without the complexities of managing disparate development platforms. By more seamlessly integrating VMs and containers within a unified framework, we offer enterprises flexibility and efficiency in infrastructure deployment, storage management, and the overall application lifecycle. Our collaboration with Portworx empowers customers to standardize their IT environments while accelerating their journey towards modern virtualization.”

Murli Thirumale, general manager, Portworx by Pure Storage

“Enabling integration for Portworx on Red Hat OpenShift represents a pivotal advancement in modern IT infrastructure representing the modern storage and compute building blocks, respectively. By combining the Portworx platform’s robust data management capabilities with the agility and scalability of Red Hat OpenShift, enterprises gain the foundation for building a modern virtualization stack, achieving the benefits of Kubernetes without rearchitecting VMs. Our collaboration with Red Hat not only accelerates application development and deployment but helps drive enterprise reliability and operational flexibility across complex, hybrid cloud environments.”

Archana Venkatraman, Research Director, Cloud Data Management, IDC

“The virtualization landscape is undergoing rapid transformation, prompting organizations to reevaluate their IT infrastructures and application architectures, particularly those heavily reliant on VMs. Many are now accelerating the modernization of monolithic applications into cloud-native or microservices-based architectures. The integration of Portworx and Red Hat OpenShift arms enterprises with the tools they need to seamlessly integrate containers and VMs on a unified infrastructure while driving efficiency, agility, and significant cost savings.”


1Survey conducted by Dimensional Research, commissioned by Pure Storage, in April 2024 of more than 500 qualified participants. All participants were directly responsible (hands-on or management) for data services in a Kubernetes environment at a company with more than 500 employees.

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