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Manage and automate your IT to innovate faster

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What is I.T. Management and Automation?

IT management and automation solutions help your IT teams work faster and consistently while reducing cost and risk. Legacy tools compartmentalize control; rely on complex, proprietary languages; and don’t scale to cloud through container-based architectures. Cloud-ready, agentless management and automation solutions help standardize processes, accelerate IT service delivery, and ensure compliance with policy-driven IT.

Getting started

3 ways automation and management bring value

Organizations often find themselves with multiple scripting tools and resources, resulting in unmaintainable code and silos of automation. Standardizing on an agentless, lightweight automation platform helps bring all of these pieces together.


Take the roadblocks out of provisioning and configuration to gain better efficiency and agility. Automated, self-service tools let you provide operations, development, and testing teams a way to deploy and manage their own workloads.


IT systems must meet strict standards to comply with policies and regulations. Automation ensures resources are available, provisioned, managed, optimized, and retired consistently which reduces the risk of configuration vulnerabilities through policy enforcement.


Intermountain Healthcare supports no-harm care with efficient I.T. from Red Hat

With Red Hat CloudForms, we’re using automation to manage entire environments without having to hire a whole workforce. And our Intel and Red Hat solution has helped us reduce costs while still getting the required availability, power, and performance.

Paul Strader, Supervisor, Open System Engineering Intermountain Healthcare

Customer demands

See how others embraced automation and management

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More efficient IT resource delivery

Cox Automotive had to quickly provision IT resources to internal customers. It built a self-service infrastructure with a cloud management platform to quickly provision and control its environment.

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Faster, automated service delivery

The British Army migrated its private cloud and added management tools to improve speed, performance, and availability, cutting change delivery time by 75%.

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Faster self-service

University of Salzburg (PLUS) needed to streamline access to services and resources. It deployed a flexible, private cloud platform to automatically deliver resources in minutes.

Overcoming challenges

Scale, control, secure, and automate your IT


How do I scale IT automation, manage complex deployments, and speed productivity?


Centralize control over your IT automation while gaining security and delegation capabilities.


How do I control my infrastructure and workloads across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments?


Unify management for hybrid environments with consistent processes, automated provisioning, and automated policy enforcement.


How can I understand likely problems and prevent incidents from occurring and impacting my users?


Use predictive analytics to inform infrastructure management decisions and resolve issues before they become problems.


How can I provision, configure, and update my Red Hat systems to keep them efficient, secure, and compliant?


Use a modern management solution to automate maintenance tasks, increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, and better respond to strategic business needs.

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