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Modern applications at maximum speed

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What is modern application development?

Modern app development is the rapid creation, maintenance, and management of applications that run across complex hybrid cloud environments without modification. This approach lets organizations get the most benefit from innovative technologies like containers and microservices, as well as from game-changing practices like agile, DevOps, and continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD).

Getting started

5 places to start making up-to-date apps

Your apps are hard to maintain. And they lack portability. Move them to containers so your IT staff can keep things running, but still have time to innovate.


Technology and infrastructure requests can really slow things down. Add a lightweight app platform with the right tools to make room for fast, flexible, new approaches like microservices, mobile, and hybrid cloud.


Complex environments require process and automation improvements. Build apps around repeatable processes to ensure app logic is auditable and predictable.


Whether building new apps or updating existing ones, you need them yesterday. With coordinated practices and processes that span development and operations, you can move faster.


You need accurate, real-time connections to employees in the field. Build mobile app solutions that securely connect field workers with the information they need.


Private cloud lets Amadeus modernize travel apps

Containment was important because we have many applications developed in older technologies that we will not change for at least 10 years. We also wanted to integrate existing middleware into Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform so that system administrators retain a uniform view of operations, the platform, and availability.

Christophe Defayet, director of software development, security, and communication systems

Customer demands

Everything must happen faster

Your customers aren't willing to wait, and your competitors certainly won’t. Since you can't meet new demands with old approaches, something has to change.

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Modern platforms

FICO built their Decision Management Platform, letting customers use FICO tools and technology to create, customize, and deploy apps and services

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Agile architectures

Volvo used containers and automatic provisioning—improving management and making app life cycles fast and reliable.

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Nimble processes

KeyBank built an automated continuous delivery pipeline, and went from deploying new apps once a quarter to updating weekly.

Are your new apps already old?

If you're developing new apps using legacy platforms and processes, they could be out of date before they debut. And if you're creating what your customers want on separate systems, applications can't share resources across environments. Maintaining a mix of old and new app stacks is inefficient and time-consuming. It keeps your staff from growing skills and planning for your future.

High-performing organizations deploy apps


more frequently than low-performing ones

Source: Puppet + DORA, 2016 State of DevOps Report. March 2016.

Overcoming challenges

Clear your clogged development pipeline

Even a small change can speed up your flow. But look for your biggest challenges, because those improvements will have the greatest impact.


How can I try out microservices, containers, or public cloud when my app platform can’t keep up?


It might be time to try a container-based application platform. It lets you modernize critical existing apps and build new ones.


How do I get new tools and features to my customers faster?


A container platform, DevOps practices, and improved integration can all help speed app delivery.


How do I extend my systems to mobile devices?


Create mobile projects faster to interact in new and better ways with customers and employees.


How do I get a better look at my business processes, and keep up with what’s going on in real time?


Business process management tools can not only help you see your business flow, but also let you create better processes and maintain compliance.

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Your business needs to be able to adapt to an ever-changing, digital world. Rely on Red Hat and our partner solutions to help you stay ahead of your competition. Embrace cloud-native apps and deliver real value to your customers.

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Speed up your next app development project. We’ll help your team use open source technologies, rapidly build prototypes, do DevOps, and adopt agile.

Doing things differently

Prepare for your new development path

The apps you need can't be bought—and you can't build them in the same old ways. But you do have choices about how you move forward. What's your next step?


Containers let you package and isolate applications. But what do they have to do with Linux®? And how can you use popular technologies from Docker and Kubernetes?


DevOps is an approach to platform, automation, and business culture that emphasizes rapid, iterative work. How can you help your business move faster? Build data-driven applications, and apply DevOps principles to the Internet of Things.


Mobile apps are changing the way businesses operate; how they engage with customers and employees; and what those users expect. How can you transform your business with mobile? Modernize development with a shared platform.

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