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Coffee Breaks > Episode 4 highlights

Event-driven architecture – integration
for the future


  • How to build microservices applications that react in real-time
  • How to drive more interactive
    customer experiences

Speaker: Tommy Chin, Application Development Solutions Director, ASEAN, Red Hat

Moderator: David Forden, Application Development Solutions Director, ASEAN, Red Hat

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Event-driven architecture – integration for the future

With the unprecedented rate of change today, being event-driven is no longer just about tech. It's a mindset. Get your caffeine-fix and uncover how it can help you build more reactive digital applications.

Resources for you to explore

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Build event-driven applications with Red Hat AMQ Streams

Looking to leverage Kafka’s power? Then AMQ Streams is the way to go. With pre-built container images for Apache Kafka and more, there’s no reason to not jump on the bandwagon.

Why is being event-driven important in today’s digital economy?

Having an event-driven architecture today offers so much. It unlocks greater potential from your real-time communication, enhancing your apps on-the-go. But that’s not all.



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