Try Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform for network and edge automation with interactive labs

Learn how to manage your network and edge automation

Our interactive, hands-on learning scenarios provide a preconfigured Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform environment to experiment on. You can learn about Ansible Automation Platform, and see how it can help you solve IT challenges that free your organization from routine, manual tasks.

In our network and edge automation self-paced labs, you'll learn the basics of using Ansible Automation Platform to automate entire network processes across devices and domains—from the datacenter, throughout clouds, and to the edge. Interactive labs available:

    • Network automation basics: First playbooks
    • Network automation: Infrastructure awareness
    • Network automation: Backup and restore
    • Network automation basics: Surveys
    • Network automation basics: Resource modules
    • Red Hat Ansible Automation
      Platform for network administrators
    • Network automation basics: facts
    • Get started with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and edge
    • Palo Alto Networks firewall automation with AAP

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