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We need to deliver quality apps—faster and more consistently. How can we compete and meet customer expectations?


To build apps more quickly, you need the right technology, paired with the right platforms and approach. Red Hat helps your organization embrace these technologies with Red Hat® OpenShift® a cloud-native container development platform. And Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes accelerate development with containerized runtimes for polyglot microservices.

Red Hat gives you the platforms and technologies you need to build cloud-native apps—quickly and easily—so you can focus on delivering what your customers demand.

Change the way you deliver apps with a container platform

Containers are vital to IT transformation. Learn how a well-planned but agile program addressing people, process, and technology can help businesses achieve the full value of containers.

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Success Story


Improves customer experience with cloud-native apps

We can support peaks and high volumes of customers on the [container platform] system—and grow—without drama. It's a worry-free approach where everything works as expected, and we can monitor it all.

Luis Uguina, Chief Digital Officer, Macquarie

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Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform helps organizations develop, deploy, and manage existing and new applications seamlessly across physical, virtual, and public cloud infrastructures.

Built on proven open source technologies, OpenShift Container Platform helps application development and IT operations teams modernize applications, deliver new services, and accelerate development and delivery processes.

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  • Secure, enterprise-grade, container-based platform with no vendor lock-in
  • Enable DevOps and department-wide collaboration
  • Self-service provisioning
  • Polyglot, multilanguage support
  • Container portability
  • On-premise or choice of cloud - physical, virtual, public, private, or hybrid
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Advancing I.T. Modernization Through Secure Container Development And Deployment

Learn how to implement DevOps and container technologies to build a secure and reliable hybrid cloud environment.

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  • Joe Wood
    Joe Wood Senior Consulting Architect, Red Hat
  • Khary Mendez
    Khary Mendez Principal Consultant, Red Hat

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