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Red Hat Middle East & North Africa

Find local contacts, news, events, and more from the Red Hat team in the Middle East and North Africa.

Modern I.T.

It starts with Linux

BSE, UPS, and Lufthansa Technik chose Red Hat. With a 10-year life cycle and application-stable updates, Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides record-breaking performance and advocacy in open source communities—and the next release is coming.

So what could you start with Linux?

MENA events

Join us for these events

Red Hat Summit 2020

Our virtual event will feature the keynotes, breakout sessions, and collaboration opportunities that you’ve come to expect from Red Hat Summit. You will have access to the experts behind the code as you learn about the latest in open hybrid cloud, automation, cloud-native development, and so, so much more. 

Join us online on April 28-29, 2020.

The evolution of automation in mid-market organizations

IDC and Red Hat know that mid-sized companies all over the world are optimizing their IT infrastructure with a variety of strategic projects based on emerging technologies. One such technology is automation, a must-have for achieving digital transformation success and modernizing the enterprise IT.

Join this webinar with Red Hat and IDC on April 2nd to discover:

  • Why automation is an essential capability.
  • The benefits of the Ansible Automation Platform.
  • How Red Hat can help partners grow automation skills and business.

Past events & assets

Local news

Orange Egypt Builds Horizontal Cloud on Red Hat Technologies, Improving Time-to-Market by up to 10x

Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud technologies provide a flexible, scalable foundation for Orange Egypt’s horizontal infrastructure, supporting digital services innovation and NFV roll-out.

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Success story

We’ve seen our relationship with Red Hat mature from a supplier interaction to a close partnership. They understand where our business is going, and we want to continue to work with them to enhance our use of their products as we expand to public cloud and beyond.


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Red Hat Saudi Arabia Ltd
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About us

The world's leading provider of open source solutions

We are Red Hat. We've been here for more than 25 years, and we're here to help you face your business challenges head-on.

Red Hat started as an enterprise Linux® provider. Now, we're a full-stack enterprise open source software company. How did we do it? The answer lies in the way we work. We're an open organization, and while it's helped us grow to meet market demands, it's also something our customers notice and value.