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AnsibleFest London 2017, June 22

For all the insights, best practices and connections you need to transform your business through IT automation, join us at AnsibleFest London on 22nd June. Registration and call for speakers is now open.

Red Hat 3Scale API Management

Application programming interfaces (APIs) deliver fundamental business value in a digital world–from supporting internal innovation and enabling cross-enterprise agility, to creating new products and revenue streams. Unlock the power of your APIs.


Join us for the next in the series of the Red Hat Tech Talks. These short succinct events, organised around the working day, are your opportunity to take a deep dive into new and emerging technologies, discuss the latest technology trends, and network with your community peers.

Topic: Better app development and faster delivery with containers

Containers could change everything

New technology is never without risk. You want a safe and secure source for container images, enterprise support, and a robust and growing ecosystem to help you along. See how everyone can benefit from a comprehensive container strategy.

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