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At Red Hat, we think about corporate roles a bit differently than other employers. We expect the people we hire to be thoughtful and innovative as they help Red Hat succeed. Teams like Finance, IT, and Operations keep our business running smoothly each day, while Facilities makes Red Hat a better place to be. Legal provides open source thought leadership, and the People team drives our culture and employment brand.


Facilities at Red Hat is an ever-changing business. Between making sure everything gets where it needs to go, managing space, helping us grow, and keeping us fed and comfortable, there’s never a dull day. Facilities covers a lot of ground—maintaining leases for our offices as well as guiding the purchase of new space. As innovators in workspace design and strategy, this team creates offices that immerse associates and guests in the Red Hat brand. They also work directly with Red Hatters, maintaining ergonomic work areas, taking feedback on our drink and snack programs, planning office events and parties, and finding ways to make work more sustainable with LEED certifications and award-winning programs like World Environment Day.

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Our global finance team is responsible for all financial operations: treasury, financial control and reporting, investor relations, tax and internal audit. Whether they’re managing relations with Wall Street, evaluating the impact of new sales on our balance sheet, or creating a multi-year financial plan for Red Hat, this group keeps it all under control. Finance also plays a crucial role in supporting associates—handling payroll, travel, and purchasing.

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From cutting edge patent litigation to promoting open source projects everywhere, the legal team at Red Hat leads the way in openness, transparency, and business ethics. They provide timely, pragmatic legal advice on subjects like contract negotiations, intellectual property management, equity compensation programs, SEC reporting, and all manner of regulations and contracts.

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Operations at Red Hat sets our associates up for success. This team drives regional and global consistency in policies, processes, and systems. They handle quality issues with business work flow, systems, and data, providing strong analysis and reporting capabilities. Operations is the all-seeing, all-knowing arm of Red Hat that ensures we do business in efficient, measurable, and sustainable ways. They also assist our sales teams from beginning to end, processing orders quickly and keeping our many customers happy.

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The IT teams at Red Hat build and support the infrastructure that powers our business. These are the men and women who keep Red Hat running every day by partnering with each team to deliver solutions to their business problems. Whether they are securing data, deploying new software, or connecting Red Hatters in new ways, this team is focused on being a beacon for open source solutions and developing IT leadership positions in cloud, data, and collaboration.

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The People team (that’s our HR department) finds, develops, and retains talented Red Hatters. Whether they’re recruiting "the best and the brightest" or building employee benefits packages, this team is driven by a strategic focus on our associate experience and employment brand. They welcome new hires, think up creative ways to acknowledge a job well done, and offer training and career development courses through Red Hat University. The People team also preserves and sustains our vibrant culture—because without that, we’d just be another place to work.

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