Five steps to getting hired at Red Hat


So you want to work at Red Hat. Great! Know that we get a lot of applications. Here's how to get our attention:

  • Apply for a job that you're qualified for.
    You have a much better chance of getting called for an interview if you have the majority of the required skills—not just a handful.
  • Show us your passion and direction.
    We're posting new jobs all the time, and the right job will come along. No need to apply to five others while you wait.

If your background is right, you will hear from us. Our hiring process is dynamic and sometimes takes a while. In the meantime:

  • Check your application status online.
    Log in to your profile. If you're still being considered for a position, your status will reflect that.
  • Watch your inbox.
    Unfortunately, we can't call everyone who applies for a job at Red Hat. We may email to let you know that you are moving on to the next step. And we'll notify you if we hire someone else.

We believe you're a good fit, and now we'd like to see what other Red Hat associates think. Here's what you need to know before the official interview:

  • Do your homework.
    Come prepared to ask questions, not just answer them. Our coordination team will send important information to help your interview go smoothly.
  • Don't stress about how to dress.
    Choose the kind of clothes you'd wear on an important day in the job you're interviewing for, and you'll be just fine.


Whether you're interviewing in person, over the phone, via video conference, or all three, here's some advice for the big day:

  • Tell us why you want to be a Red Hatter.
    Red Hat is a fast-paced, challenging environment, and we love working here. But it's not right for everyone. We want to hear why you believe it's right for you.
  • Show that you're passionate about the job.
    We may ask you to give specific examples for skills and behaviors you've demonstrated in other places you have worked. We want to know what's made you successful.

Congratulations. You made it through several interviews. Now we're presenting you with an offer—things will move quickly:

  • Grab a pen.
    You'll need to sign your offer letter—and some other important paperwork—to make it official.
  • Explore your new hire information kit.
    Everything you need to know about working at Red Hat is in there, including details to help you make the transition.

Welcome aboard! Now you're a Red Hatter.