There's no such thing as an ordinary day at Red Hat. We hire creative, passionate students who are ready to work and learn within an innovative and dynamic company. We have an open and collaborative culture that's based on meritocracy--letting the best ideas win. Freedom and courage are two of our core values, which is why our interns need to be comfortable taking risks and exploring the unknown. Yet being a Red Hatter isn't just about boldness; it's also about demonstrating commitment and being held accountable by colleagues.

"As soon as I set foot in the Red Hat offices, I was encouraged to give feedback and share ideas."

Marketing and social media intern

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An internship gives you unique insight into life at Red Hat. You'll work within a department, like Sales or Finance, but you will also have the opportunity to come together with all of our interns and learn from each other. Through lunch-and-learns with executives, volunteer opportunities, day trips, and after-work events, you'll build a valuable network of peers and other professionals.

Forget about mindless tasks or filling coffee cups. This is a fast-paced, high energy kind of job. You will be immediately integrated as a full member of your team, with real responsibilities from the first day you walk through the door.

Westford interns

Frequently asked questions

How long does the Red Hat intern program last?
In the United States, our intern program runs from mid-May to the beginning of August. If the intern is available and their team needs more help, sometimes we are able to extend the internship into the academic year.

"At Red Hat, you work with the company. Not for the company."

Management and Security intern

Outside the United States, our intern program varies by region and team. If you find an internship of interest, review the job summary for more details. When you apply for an internship, a Red Hat recruiter will review your application and determine the next steps. You can ask the recruiter questions about the internship, as well.

Does Red Hat limit internships to specific majors or courses of study?
Requirements vary from one internship to the next, though the typical internship is not restricted to a particular course of study. It's important to have some relevant knowledge for the internship and be willing to learn more. You can learn more about the requirements by searching for internships and reading the job summary for your desired position.

"Anyone at Red Hat has the opportunity to voice their opinion about the products being offered and the direction of the company."

JBoss Middleware marketing intern

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What if I don't know anything about open source software?
You don't have to be a coding expert to work at Red Hat. We have internships in many different fields, from finance to marketing to graphic design. What you need to know will depend on the internship you're applying for. You'll also get acquainted with our products and services on the job.

Will I like working at Red Hat? Can you tell me more about the office culture?
Red Hat has a culture of openness and sharing that's evident in every office, every day. It's an interactive and collaborative meritocracy, where good ideas can come from anywhere and the best ideas win. We care more about your work and ideas than what you wear, so you'll see plenty of flip-flops and jeans alongside the usual business casual clothing. But don't let the relaxed environment fool you–we're working hard to change the industry.

Why choose a Red Hat internship?
You'll do meaningful work you believe in, from your very first day. You'll learn a lot in the short time that you're here. You will also have numerous opportunities to make connections within the company–whether with fellow interns or senior executives–all while gaining valuable work experience. And did we mention loads of free snacks and drinks?

What can you expect as an intern?
This isn't your typical 9:00-5:00 job. In a company changing and growing as fast as we are, it's hard to predict exactly what your experience will be like. What we do know is that you'll be challenged right away. You'll work hard, and you'll have fun. All in a high-energy environment where you can collaborate with others to find the best solutions the open source way.

"My first two months as the public relations intern at Red Hat were fast-paced and exciting,
just what I had hoped for in an industry where I had little prior experience..."

Corporate communications intern

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