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Unlike other software companies, we don’t sell licenses, pay-per-incident support, new version upgrades, or maintenance fees. Trust is the foundation of our relationship with customers, because with our subscription model we have to earn their business every day. We don’t make promises that we can’t consistently deliver.

Corporate marketing

The corporate marketing team deals with the big picture, telling the Red Hat story. Behind every new technology, product, solution set, and sales strategy is a company unlike any other. The corporate marketing team at Red Hat makes sure our story is told and our voice is heard. Red Hat has a unique culture rooted in open source values, and our corporate marketing team ensures that our brand embodies openness and champions our shared beliefs.

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Product marketing

The product marketing team works with engineers to gather the best from our portfolio of open source software into discrete enterprise solutions. This team is technically fluent. They are both a voice for customer needs internally as solutions are devised, and the voice of Red Hat when we share our solutions with the customers who need them. The product marketing team creates marketing strategies that best connect targeted groups of customers with solutions that fit their needs.

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Partner marketing

Partner marketing builds strong relationships with our partners—VARs, SIs, OEMs, ISVs, cloud service providers, and more—recognizing and acting on strategic market opportunities as they arise. The partner marketing team works with Red Hat product teams to develop and execute campaigns targeted at the intersection of our business objectives and those of our partners. From enhancing partner programs to developing joint value propositions, this team's work extends the reach of Red Hat solutions across our partner community.

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Field marketing

Field marketing takes the knowledge of the product marketing team and makes it useful for our sales force. The field marketing team finds the best ways to present the evidence that makes the case for open source and Red Hat. Whether they’re developing campaigns or gathering and generating leads, this team understands what customers need to know and find the best ways for our sales force to connect with them.

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