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Red Hat is where the top technology trends like cloud, open source, and Big Data converge. The first pure-play open source company to earn one billion dollars in annual revenue, Red Hat ranked #4 on Forbes' most innovative companies in the world list. Our technology teams develop and maintain Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss Enterprise Middleware, as well as sponsor and contribute to the Fedora project. They also build our virtualization products, cloud and storage offerings, and any other open source technology solutions in use today or being dreamed up for tomorrow.

When it's time to put all of these technologies to work for our customers, our consultants step in. The best of the best, Red Hat consultants transform technology into strategic value using a mix of open source, commodity hardware, and ingenuity.


You can't have cloud computing without open source software, and Red Hat cloud solutions use open source, open standards, and open APIs. Our cloud team works closely with open source communities and our most innovative customers to build solutions that allow other customers to adopt cloud computing at their own pace, tailored to their specific needs.

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The IT teams at Red Hat build and support the infrastructure that powers our business. These are the men and women who keep Red Hat running every day by partnering with each team to deliver solutions to their business problems. Whether they are securing data, deploying new software, or connecting Red Hatters in new ways, this team is focused on being a beacon for open source solutions and developing IT leadership positions in cloud, data, and collaboration.

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Linux is the backbone of our company, and we've learned a lot working with it and the open source community. Today, Red Hat engineers make more contributions to the Linux kernel than any other company. Whether you’re working on Red Hat Enterprise Linux or the Fedora Project, if you want to have a direct impact on Linux, there's no better place to be.

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Red Hat anticipated the enterprise need for open source Java development tools and filled it. Our JBoss Enterprise Middleware integrates software from various open source communities like the Apache Software Foundation and Eclipse Foundation into robust, fully-tested, integrated platforms. As with our Linux engineers, the middleware team is at the epicenter of innovation, getting paid to do interesting work that matters.

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We are entering an age where the strategic use of information is often more valuable than physical assets. Companies that handle abundant information skillfully will survive this transition; open source is how they will do it. So Red Hat needs smart, storage savvy individuals on our team. We are investing in and supporting a wide range of open source technologies to help customers, including projects like Gluster, which maximizes the efficiency of large-scale, content-centric workloads.

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Red Hat supports KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) virtualization solutions. Because our virtualization is both kernel-based and entirely open source, it provides greater flexibility and higher performance for enterprise customers than proprietary alternatives. But as with commodity hardware and operating systems, vendor lock-in and proprietary formats threaten to stifle choice and innovation in virtualization technologies. That’s why Red Hat serves as a governing member of the Open Virtualization Alliance alongside companies like IBM, HP, and Intel. Whether you’re eager to join the fight for open standards or just want to improve virtualization technology, Red Hat is the place to be.

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